København Funny Moody

København Funny Moody


Boil the toilet and make a cup of tea, this will be great!

First of all, I have to start this post by ordering them to thank you. My newcomers are officially 10 years old and have not done it without support, love, and full LOVE blog. And especially after the last couple of months when I first opened my troubles, I felt I was supportive, and I saw lots of things you did too. It reminded me of the strong community that this was, and the power of people when they came together for the general goal of true hygiene.

If you have told me in the last decade that I am deeply convinced, a nerdy nerdy, and often ignored the internet will end up with a career change, I would never believe in you. But when I read the first post, it was a good day, as best I wrote last week. I think we have a strong view in mind, we continue our cars, and I trust, that you isfahmayo. But here we are, in three parts of my life, not just a person, but many of you. And she keeps all my dreams for her, and is clear. Against a proposal from a former friend who thought I would use any "health talk" I am thankful for, my father.


Secondly … and this is the real story … I'm coming back to Canada! Yes, after nine years of life in Copenhagen, me old The roots are attractive to my home and ready for me. All these things have been in a few months for a few months, but in reality you did not feel as fast as they were. Well, tell me, when I put my family in my life with 50 boxers throwing in the ship's container, real soon What are the feelings of a parent, who are completely full of emotional self-control throughout your life. So, if the issues were (and continued) to settle here, I am sorting out all the details that international migration comes. I will send my thanks for your patience.

The next part of my life will be completely different from the last one, and surely. In order to change it, my family and I will live in the real city, near Toronto, where I originally came from. I knew I would end up living in the country, but not too soon! It was a lot of "when I sat" the kind of thing. But what's happening happens when you have children and need a s-p-a-c, your priority seems to move to accommodate smaller ones. In addition, I feel the need to return to the ground (we live in a flat forty years now!), So we bought a home so that we could get closer to the ground and plant a garden grass – our own grass – enjoy the silence and safety of a small community. I am very happy with everything next, and I feel great appreciation.


But will not be out of Copenhagen? Obvi This city, and my home here, is where I live my whole life. My favorite kitchen in my husband and I was built, she had two cooked books, internet games, lots of dinner parties, open-ended breakfast, and even our son's birthday to shout! Although most of the new Roots started in Toronto, they are growing here and really became about Denmark. Scandinavian culture has had a major effect on me, my seizures, and how I see the world now. Possession of all European doors in history, construction, good art, culture, and nature are great priorities and deep motivation. Can we talk about the light? Oh light! How will this camera and we will be missing the special sunshine here. It is different from anything I have seen before.

However, we promise to keep all of the items posted behind when we leave one of the following beautiful ones. You will not have a kitchen job for a few months, but I will stay on as Instagram so you can continue to repair the kitchen … I let it be You want to see all the porn in the house. Tee hee.


Yes, now the biggest event. I CAN CARROT CAKE. Successfully. It's sweet. I feel like I finally reached one of my main goals, and it is best to celebrate a decade of blogging with a rubbing me hard for a long time. If you remember when I was on the big cocoon of my birthday, I was in trouble with me in 2013, when I tried three different types, all of which failed, and they finished making butter. Since then, the leaders have continued to grow, yet some of the fragile part of me will not stop me.

In the past I've always used baking cookies, and if one of you tried one of the famous pie cakes, you will find that he worked well. I was after the same multiparty that you could achieve, but they wanted gluten free, so I started using the whole product without gluten free. It was a disaster. Cake looked like a gum that could not be covered, and the ice, which I tried to make the cooked coconut (did not ask) was anxiety. The next road I tried was flour, since I ate lots of food in the last months, and I wanted meat to think of it. Before it was tested, I thought that the crust was too large and hard, but look and create a barrier, which really gives this deep feeling. I'm lost. The only thing I do not like about almonds is the high price, and the fact that almonds are a large amount of water to grow. However, this is after cake, so special treatment, so it is not something you have all the time.

Predictable cooked baked goods are good, but border limits are very rich. In addition, since we left the tragic idea of ​​quinoa and I knew I would take the cargo, I felt like a peanut butter on top of a good fruit, as well as, very good. To deal with the relationship with the coconut, we reduce the amount of dry material to see what will happen. Not only the cake is just as good, but better texture and I like the taste of coconut. We are once again friends.


Coconut Coconut Cucumber This cake is one of the Canadians who want to call "twofer". In the price! (I really like my own self). Anyone away from there, in a long way, this means two-way deal. You can make this map sometimes, but the snow comes in two ways depending on the temperature. There are a lot of problems, yes? If you use the right nutrients after doing it, it will be bright and bright, almost crisp. If you prefer the traditional style of complexity that is very difficult and hard, all you need to do is to blow up the night refrigerator to ensure this fit. I have chosen to go to room temperature in the room since I did not really work with it. It also offers even layers, but it is also difficult to control. Both ways are sweet, so do not worry about making a wrong choice … no one! Big feeling: I talk to a lot of other historical backgrounds and even confused.

If you do not notice the cake fever in the leafy, please look now, because the cake me dreams are painted with sweets, cans, and fire boats and citrus rats. I went to the town! Instead of using the canned implements, I used the dry type, not dried in the grocery store. This tool is not cheap, but again, berrinka cake. If you can not get such a taste like this, dates, raisins, figs or dried fruit can also be good, but I would skip the bitter step. You can use pecans, macaroni, or even pumpkin until you blow.

All the dessert cake is so wet, hard, and satisfied with many layers of taste and elegant dresses. I've learned a lot about the past decade, and this coward is showing. It's something to be proud of, and shared. Thank you for hit me when I worked with my husband … now is the time to celebrate everything!


Who knows what's going on in the world – the world seems to be many days of its parents – but I know I still have a heart attack on this heartbeat, if you're all going to read and cook. Words can not explain the thanks, allowing me to continue with my dreams and my shameful behavior. I hope you know how much I love you. I really do. Here are ten other years …

xo, Sarah B.

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Good friends, there are still many demonstrations for the next direction of animal heart It's November 5-11, hosting the Sublime Comporta hotel (kids, I've been here and here is THREE). I will learn cookies outside of the natural park (the above picture!) And providing daily nutrition seminars, with sports classes and movement twice a day with my dear friends and a deep friend, Mikkel Marilyn Kissi Walk. The kitchen is Specially making my new meals a week, so we can all enjoy these foods without the finger. Enjoy a private pool, open sport, riding on the beach, celebrating the night and dancing. Come and encourage you to live your best life! I will show you how. Click here for more details, and see the famous picture