Kindness to ourselves

Kindness to ourselves

Hard times can separate us – or
they can help us grow in depth with people. And (I am)
think) the difference between the two applies to work we do ourselves a favor.

It's winter.

My boss lost his father
suddenly & # 39; s a few months ago and my dad (who was ill) was over three weeks old

Navigate to two very sad things
in a row they proved I was a strong woman. The strongest and strongest
I value myself.

But I am not a big woman.

About a week after losing my weight
Dad, I was sitting on the train while traveling because I was emotionally drained.

Some people may take this time to injury, but I consider it a success.

After & # 39; a few years ago, I had
push her. Back to myself I sucked it up. To stop crying. To keep going. Me
would have been embarrassed if someone saw me in the dirt.

But I allowed myself to be confused. I allowed myself to feel my reality without judgment. I was kind to myself at that time.

Cutting off our emotions as inappropriate or inappropriate or too much adds up to a number of unnecessary things.

Looking back, there are many examples that give me grace this winter. Reduce expectations. Focus on only the most important habits (drinking water, eating & # 39; ya & # 39; lots of fruit + veggies, getting enough sleep). Exercise and exercise outdoors instead. Last year's guestbook. Selling hockey tickets.

Grace creates space for healing and healing. Grace is like a loving (and influential) parent. Grace has done not the same is true of residence.

There was no bread for dinner either my uncle or me throughout Netflix. Which would be easy to prove.

The difference? Lifetime is good at the time (like that pint of ice cream), but bad for a long time. The gift to ourselves is great now and then.

I still find out what is called life. I don't have all the answers and I will never. But one thing I know for sure is – learning to be kind to myself was a great gift.

"I've met myself and I'm going to take care of her with great intensity."

Glennon Doyle, The Love of a Hero

💙 Robyn

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