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My friends, I have a funny news for you!

The next update of KetoDiet & KetoDiet Basic is released to download! Make sure you have a new renewal by uploading the Music and activating it Updating tab (or Google Play below My Apps section).

50 Sabon Keto Recipes

In this release we added 50-small small small-scale landlords to the KetoDiet App only. As new shoots are being added No more expensive! To search for newer new releases, easily write "new" in the search query under Food Diet department.

This brings the sum to 1,300 kick recipes included in the app and still count! So far we have:

  • 350 recipe in Food Diet section, no purchase or registration required to access all recipes
  • 950 recipe in Blog KetoDiet full section in our application (with added recipes each day)

KetoDiet App is best: 1,300 Recipes & Drinks Food DietFollow us 101.9k

More New and New Products

In this release we have added 30 restaurants that will help you make a good choice when eating. We certify any entry to ensure full nutrition information and we do not rely on human data; Here are the restaurants we add to this update:

99 restaurants, restaurants & restaurants in the USA, New Delhi, Wheelchair & Bar, Boston
Fire Walls, Cafe Rio, Captain D & # 39; s Carrosba Grill, Cheddar, Corner Bakery Café, Cosi, Custdar Gourmet Pizza Bar, Del Taco, Firebirds Wood Grill Grill, Home, Hooters, Peep , Long John Silver & # 39; s, Moe & # 39; s, Ocean Basketball, Original Joe & # 39; s, Peet Tea, Pizza Express, Red Lobster, Ricky & # 39; s, Roti, Salad and Go, Smash Burger, Tsarin and Stop Sleeping.

KetoDiet App is best: 1,300 Recipes & Drinks Food DietFollow us 101.9k

Wait … Still No Subscription Gift "?

Absolutely! We do not have to pay for any payment or any payment in the app. This has not changed. You pay once – that's!

Our goal is to produce the best kaya-carb app everyone who wants to follow a bad meal. With any renewal, we will bring new features and we update the daily content.

Our app is more than just an actual shutter tracker:

  • What we are about recipes, guides, tips, experts, and so forth. There is no app that is close to what we offer to support users and to help them make good choices.
  • We offer additional support through the Facebook Support Group.
  • We manage the KetoDiet challenges as a means to move and support people on their journey through travel and stories in our community. A complete connection with the KetoDiet App is a list of our activities.
  • Running one of the most popular web pages and animation helps us to understand how we can best help people achieve their goals.

KetoDiet App is best: 1,300 Recipes & Drinks Food DietFollow us 101.9k

Downloading frequently in KetoDiet

Since KetoDiet was released in 2012, we continue to work on new recipes and features to create the best gift ever.

Note that software development takes time. We release new updates and add new features as often as we can – you can get a complete list of things to add here.

The next update will bring some new features so stay tuned!

KetoDiet App is best: 1,300 Recipes & Drinks Food Diet

Your problem is talking

I want to thank you all for a wonderful support! It allows us to continue working on our app to do it the best we can. We work hard on the next update that will bring new features and optimization – everything that comes from your response.

If you want KetoDiet, please leave the study on AppStore or Google Play. It takes a minute and gives us a lot of difference. It's the best way to help us take KetoDiet to the next step. Thank you!

Gifts: KetoDiet App with 30-Day Cash Programs!

To remember our new message, I provide 10 full copy of KetoDiet App with 10 documents for the 30-Day Daily Planner Programs. All you need to do is answer the next question by leaving the following comment:

What benefits did you get by following a diet?


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