Kaiser credit card dropped 32% into third quarter

Kaiser credit card dropped 32% into third quarter

Kaiser Permanente's company has decreased for the third time, according to the medical and medical treatment system provided by doctors and entrepreneurs.

Oakland, Calif.-based-income-based profit-earning increased by 32% annually during the third quarter, ending September 30, up to $ 884.

In addition,

a]which Kaiser earned nearly $ 20 million, in the quarter, almost 9 percent in 2017, reaching 18.3 billion US dollars. At that time, the price increased by 9.7%.

Tom Meier, chief executive of Kaiser and materialist maker, said that when a member of Kaiser's health plan was released, the price was paid for care.

Being in the Kaiser health system remains in the neighborhood. The program has 12,2 million members on September 30, as reported by Kaiser in his second report in 2018 this year, but about 11.7 million health care reported in third quarter of the year. year 2017.

"It is clear that approximately 12.2 million people have been treated as well as over 11.7 million," he said.

Kaiser earns $ 636 in the third quarter of 2018, increased by 14% a year compared to $ 740 million at the same time in 2017. He announced the annual change as a "Okay," Meier said "$ 636 (" millions) is enough to support our development and our plans and we feel comfortable and that is consistent with our expectations, "he said.

Currently, unemployment rate, up to 248 million dollars in the third quarter of 2018, was 52 percent from 518 million dollars in the third quarter of 2017, with a substantial amount of income has about 11% before the year.

It has been a wonderful year for clean markets, and Meier said Kaiser did not do good or worse than other markets.

In any case, Kaiser is not planning to make his own changes in response to the uncertainty of the markets, says Meier, describing the system as a "long-term investor." The risk is very worried to bring about changes, rather than responding in the fourth quarter of the year, he said. He noted that 60 percent of the global economic recovery in 2008 came within 6 months after the market rose.

"If you begin to make adjustments to address short-term problems and so on, you can lose their lives on recovery," said Meier.

Kaiser also said he spent 760 million US dollars on housing projects a third quarter of the year for the development and opening of new facilities and the production of new technologies, about $ 25 million more than in the second century in 2018. In particular, Kaiser opened the health clinic in Sacramento and the auditorium in San Rafael, replacing the elderly's equipment. Two new California areas bring about medical services to 690. Kaiser has a total of 39 hospitals.

In the meanwhile, Kaiser said he was working very deep and repairing his current job to improve development. Meier says the system is planning to open nearly 50 medical offices currently in paintings or build in the next up to three years, including new modern buildings.

The southern bank continues to invest in business, the area that works to grow. Last year, about 48 million Lab lab tests were surveyed online and about 25 million were used online.

He also concluded the agreement for the third time to provide vital energy that would help the highest health system in the country to achieve a neutral neutral goal by 2020.