Just Happy to Know The Things Before

Just Happy to Know The Things Before

It's Monday, everyone! And that is just another episode of The Last Life Story from The Reader & # 39; Daily Apple & # 39; of the reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and Mark & ​​# 39; s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I will continue to publish these every Monday until the next one. Thanks for reading!

Yes, success stories are back! And I'm looking for more. In the follow-up, reflecting on progress — each story at each stage has the potential to inspire informants who are starting or thinking of a new start. Contact me here to share your story. You never know who you will be affected by doing. Have fun, everyone!

It's been 8 years since the beginning of our journey so I'm going back to the beginning after so much time will be interesting to me.

My weight issues did not start until the mid-20s. In about 5 months I got out of active work and went to a completely uninhabited, pregnant, and quit smoking. It was the perfect storm. My meal was horrible. In my active life I regularly ate donuts and milk chocolate for breakfast, lunch was a smoke and Surge soda, dinner was a quick meal (my favorite was the food at & # 39; Burcire King & # 39;). ) in boxes and cans for many nights) for dinner consisting of meat and heavy sides. My teenage metabolism allowed me to eat what I wanted without being overweight even though I had no idea about the invisible damage I was doing to my body. My husband had his own as well as basically the same diet.

When I started my new job I immediately gained 10 pounds. I don't even remember really worrying about it – I just went out and bought some great clothes with the odd idea that, in fact, this was the backbone and I woke up quickly in one day. I was so happy during my pregnancy that I didn't have any morning sickness but I had a bad taste and didn't like ice cream. I don't even want to know how much money Queen Milk made for me during that time. The end result was that after our baby was born I weighed almost 180 pounds and weighed 5 ′ 4 ″.

Again, caught up in this new baby activity that really has no real understanding of weight gain, I still think it will work itself out in time. I continued to wear my maternity dress for a very long time because I didn't want to spend money on a great dress when this fat was temporary. It made me think now that I have a zero idea or plan on how to fix it – like I'm just a walker who can't handle the results and can wait and see.

I finally decided to join Weight Watwers, convinced that a few months after the program would turn my body around an extra 50 pounds. I started at 177 pounds and s.l.o.w.l.y. it achieved its first loss of 10%. And 160 pounds – give or take 5 pounds – is exactly where I have been sitting for the next ten years.

During that time, we decided that we did not want our daughter to be trained to eat the same junk food we used to do so we resumed our eating habits. I ate it in the morning, whole wheat bread with a little sugar for lunch, dinner was chicken breast or turkey syrup for brown rice and vegetables – all * healthy * things that guarantee I would throw away the extra weight like hot potatoes.

Except for that. Over the years we have had 2 more children. Because I started this pregnancy with less weight I just managed to get & # 39; baby weight & # 39; so after every birth I didn't get any more … but that was a little uncomfortable since the size was still sitting around 160. I'd like to resign myself to the idea that this was the way it was. I was a married mother and married mothers are not small and thin. PLEASE My body has always wanted to be 160 and I need to accept that and move on with my new life added up.

By the time our third and last child was born in 2009, my husband was able to sell the same amount of weight I had. We both sat about 40 pounds heavier on the day of our wedding day. Sometimes we would comment on our own weight but never mention the other. I didn't care about him and he didn't seem to care about me so I just live with our fat and happy family life.

The target came in November 2010. My husband and I were out to eat for our anniversary, and when we went to the Marble Slab for dessert, we sat on the bench outside the store and ate our ice cream when he said those awful words. We got fat. I'm not happy. ”The blood went to my ears as I sat there in shock, trying to digest what he had to say (along with the sweet cream with M & Ms). I was like, "Did he just call me fat?" And don’t forget that I’m fat… hearing those words come out of your loved one more than life itself is still the ice of interest. The only thing that kept me from drowning is all that * our part. That one little word allowed me to overcome the trauma for a few seconds and really look at it.

“Ok. Not really happy but I'm not sure what to do about it. I feel like I've tried everything and nothing worked. ”

“It is probably very encouraging. Next year is the 15th anniversary. Let's plan a great trip to a strange place to use. We have a year to adjust. ”

I split up into parts of excitement and fear about what was coming. I knew now that my stress was DID and more than anything that would change my mental state. * I can't * until * I have to do it and I want to do it *. But for many years I have been under the control of changes and tried (many times not so good) things to get me worse than before and I did not see how I could achieve this.

We started in the first months of 2011 planning and booking our vacation to Virgin Island, trying hard to fit our schedules, and ordering Dominos for dinner. We have not seen any improvement and we have lost every month of the year which has left me a little apprehensive that this problem is unreliable and I want to leave it at the end.

That's about when I started hearing this thing called Paleo and a guy called Mark Sisson. In an entirely non-partisan forum where I belong, people have begun to talk deeply and share their experiences. It seemed crazy to me that people would A) voluntarily give up my favorite foods and B) produce results. The other foods I have tried all these years have been the focus of counting calories and fats, weight and weight for all bites, try to heal yourself from being hungry all the time, to make your day so you can eat 2-3 hours to * boost your blood sugar * and * fuel your metabolism *. Paleo, despite losing my favorite bread, seemed so…

I laid the groundwork for him, I share success stories, and despite being as skeptical as I am, he was completely in the process of trying this crazy new thing.

We jumped in May and, after the first few weeks of trying our bodies to cope with the absence of sugar, we wondered how we feel about the NATION! I had constant brain fog and fatigue and my wrists were always hurt and I started to have a heart attack after every meal. They are all gone. It is accompanied by a permanent loss of 5 pounds per month for each of us. For the first time in about 10 years I lost weight! AND IT IS FUN !!!

By November and our anniversary trip was around, each had lost 30 pounds. We continued to lose 35 pounds in total and settled on repairs.

Two years ago, Hurricane Harvey hit our area and flooded our home. Of course this was the second time in 9 years when we flooded Ike in 2008 but Ike was before our trip to Paleo. Owning our homes for one year without defect has caused us to really sleep with our eating. Simplicity was the word of the day and not having a working kitchen meant we were eating almost as much as it could. We resumed having a quick meal even with the foods I was able to cook at home fast and easy and based on the cooking equipment I could find at any time. As expected, weight began to come back.

To this day, none of us have lost 10 pounds of you lost. We have a fully functioning kitchen again and again we have a conversation about how we know what we need to do. We know what works. We have in our hands and there was no time to throw away the person sitting at the table without reconsidering lifestyles have changed our lives for many years before. This time there is no fear. We have no worries that it will be another meal we fail and I have no success. This time, there is just joy as I know what the future holds – healthy, energetic, lightweight, and much happier.

Tiffany (and Wes) Bailey

Do you have a story to share? Email me here. Thank you, good everyone, and have a great week.

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