Join us in January for Keto!

Join us in January for Keto!

Good morning, folks. So, is it quick to start looking before 2020?

I'm joking. I am on social media, I saw all the documents and announce, "There is still ____ days and the remaining ten years. What will you do to make it a miracle ?! "(It sounds like a bit of a burden, but maybe that's just me.)

Still, the countdown to 2020 has begun, and I suggest you….

How about January, instead of Normal & # 39; New Resolution & # 39; the usual to lose 20 pounds, go to the gym every day, and give up the cold turkey, you decided to study? Specifically, what if you decide to learn how to go to keto and why do I think the First Method is the healthiest, most convenient, and least stressful way?

What happens if you decide to make my contribution and support to the keto + community? Did I mention I have a video – and a meal plan?

If your interest is resolved, I invite you to join the free Keto Month, beginning January 6, 2020. The four-week e-mail on a daily basis I Speaking everything you need to know to make the right keto, including offers fantastic from Primal Kitchen® and some friends that I love – and you probably.

BUT if you did the Keto Reset with us in January or June, you don't want to miss it. I discovered all the new materials and activities, along with some new motivations and exercises that will help you blend well with the keto diet and principles of life. Definitely a good start!


Here's the thing: eating ketogenically is not that complicated. Basically start with a basic diet, then remove enough carbs to save yourself 50 grams of carbs a day. Simple… but not easy. Where people make a mistake is to recognize that keto diet only works when you do "other things". I'm talking about:

  • Electronics
  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Exercise and exercise
  • Transfers social status to food environments
  • Managing your time to manage your food choices
  • Building a knowledge base to feel comfortable and confident in your own keto

Primary Blueprint & # 39; it offers more lifestyle activities because health consists of more than just eating “right,” my keto form is much more than carbs. My books Ket Reset Foods and The life of Keto they are about diet, of course, but they also shed light on the difference between eating and achieving your health and long-term goals.

I know you don't just want to get into ketosis. You want the energy to play with your children, proof of mental looga have to work, physical exercise to get out and participate in activities that you enjoy, and guarantee the & # 39; s long-term, healthy. That's what the basic keto system is all about, and I'll cover the full picture of January.

What's in Keto January

Last year we did two keto races, one in January and one in June. I received wonderful feedback from participants about the amount of knowledge and social support they enjoyed. I also listened to them when they asked for input. One thing he really wanted? Daily challenges to guide them on their journey and to activate the activity. And I will get it right (and then some) this January in Keto.

Here's what you will get when you sign up for this competition (Did I choose to be free to enroll?) January Keto Month:

  • E-mail me daily about a topic that will help you make the best of your & # 39; s keto. Some days I will delve deeper into an important issue; other days I'll talk about one of your Ask Your Questions.
  • Special video content related to daily email topics.
  • NEW! A simple daily routine related to diet and lifestyle activities to complete. Each day offers one (sometimes two) steps you can take to enhance your experience this month.
  • NEW! Daily journaling will keep you busy, alert, and repeat with gratitude during this process. I will give you the magazine & # 39; Keto Month Journal & # 39; to use.
  • Social support from the Keto Reset social media site on Facebook. My friend Dr. Lindsay Taylor and team waxkaqabanaysa help and knowledge of this kind are there to answer questions & # 39; aalahaaga all.

You don't have to be new to keto to get more out of Keto this month. If you have participated in previous keto challenges, I encourage you to enroll again. Emails are completely new. In addition, you will enjoy new daily challenges and a new section of journalism.


Keto Signing Allowances

Anyone who subscribes to Keto Month gets all their e-mail and video content, Daily Calendar, Keto Month Journal, and free community support.

I also pay for it the opportunity to buy Keto Monthly Packages– some of my favorite keto-friendly products from Primal Kitchen® that I treat only for people attending Keto Month. Keto Month Packages include: Primary Kitchen Classic Mayo, Chipotle Lime Mayo, Ranch, Balsamic, Sesame Ginger, and Greek & Marinade, Avocado Oil, and Garlic Alfredo Sauce.

The best part is that I created a HEALTHY TYPE– eyes, seven days for breakfast, lunch, dinner plus snacks and bonuses that allow you to fit your needs – use these Basic Kitchen items to make delicious, minimal meals. It's never easy to go keto. I did all of the muscle contraction and menu planning for you. I even made a shopping list to follow the recipe. It can’t be easy.

To register now, visit I am so excited to have put together a new keto experience to start the new year – and the new decade. Thanks and everyone I look forward to seeing you in January!

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