Intimate spring vegetarian recipes, healthy in spring!

Intimate spring vegetarian recipes, healthy in spring!

Spring, the earth wakes up, everything is full of new energy. From the diet, gradually start to prepare more refreshing food, cooking and seasoning should be lighter, in order to adapt to the physical and mental state of spring.

In spring, people’s spleen and stomach function is relatively weak, that is, the gastrointestinal digestive function is weak, not suitable for eating too much meat food; at the same time, meat is also acidic food, ingested More meat can cause acidity and is not conducive to disease prevention and health care. Spring is easy to fatigue and sleepy. If you take vegetarian food at lunch, you can avoid the listlessness in the afternoon. For example, carrots, spinach, green peppers, celery, pumpkins and other red-yellow and dark green vegetables will restore energy and eliminate spring sleep. Very helpful.

Intimate spring vegetarian recipes, healthy in spring !

Although moderate vegetarian diet is good, but if it is not done properly, it is harmful to the body. For example, if there are too many steps in the cooking process, it may lead to a large loss of nutrients; if the amount of oil used is too large, the human body will be overburdened, and the negative impact will be very unhealthy for health. It is best to follow the principle of eating vegetarian food, that is, the fresher and natural the better the ingredients, the shorter the cooking process, the better the taste, the better.

In the choice of vegetarian diet, you need to pay attention to the following points:


1, choose the ingredients as diverse as possible. It is not advisable to take only a few fixed dishes to ensure adequate intake of nutrients;

2. The protein content in beans is high. In the spring, it is necessary to eat more beans. Or soy products;

3, eat more vegetables with more iron.

Asparagus assorted

Intimate spring vegetarian recipe, it is healthy to eat in spring!

Materials: 5 fresh mushrooms, 1 carrot, 30g broccoli, 30g, Dry fungus 5g, bitter chrysanthemum 30g, garlic 3 to 4 petals, oyster sauce 5ml, white pepper powder 3g, salt 3g.


1. Fresh shiitake mushrooms are washed with running water and cut into pieces of 0.5cm thick. Dry fungus is soaked in cold water

2. Broccoli is torn into small pieces, carrots are peeled and cut into thin slices, and peeled and cut into thin slices.

3. After peeling off the outer skin of the garlic, cut it into minced garlic with a knife back, and rinse the bitter chrysanthemum with running water.

4. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the skillet. After boiling, add the fresh mushrooms, broccoli and carrots.

5. Put all the ingredients in the container, mix and mix well.

Intimate Tips:

1. Make a lot of assorted ingredients, such as celery, cucumber, cauliflower, yuba, dried fragrant, black fungus or dried fruit, etc., according to personal preference and hand The ingredients are arbitrarily matched.

2. It is not advisable to do the salad ingredients once. It is recommended to do it at any time. Otherwise, the long-term placement will affect the taste and the nutrients will be lost.

Zimai Yam Red Bean Rice

Intimate spring vegetarian recipe, it is healthy to eat in spring!

Material: Purple rice 100g, red bean 100g, yam half root.


1. Soak the purple rice and red beans for 1 to 2 hours in advance.

2. After the yam is peeled off, the knife is cut into small pieces.

3. Put all the ingredients into the rice cooker, add the appropriate amount of water, start the risotto program, and wait for the completion.

Intimate Tips:

1. In the spring meal combination, you should focus on the ingredients that can improve your resistance. Because spring various bacteria germs reproduce and recover faster, compared with this winter’s rainfall and snowfall, it is more likely to cause various infectious diseases such as influenza. Appropriate consumption of yam can improve human immunity.

2. The yam skin has a layer of mucus that will feel itchy after contact with the skin. Wear disposable gloves when peeling.

Toon bud tofu cake

Intimate spring vegetarian recipe, it is healthy to eat in spring!

Material: 1 small fragrant bud, 200g tofu, 2 eggs, dry starch 20g, salt 3g.


1. Wash the camphor buds and remove the old roots. Boil a pot of water, boil the scented buds, boil them, remove the drain, and cut into pieces.

2. The tofu is crushed into a mud, and the cut citron and the appropriate amount of dry starch are mixed with the bean curd, and seasoned with salt, and mixed to form a filling.

3. Divide the tofu stuff into a number of round buns, and break the eggs into egg liquid.

4. Take the pan and pour the appropriate amount of oil into the pan. When the oil temperature is 50% hot, stick the tofu cake one by one and fry in the pan until the two sides are fried until golden brown. After that.

Intimate Tips:

1. The camphor bud is a unique food for spring, which has the effects of phlegm, hemostasis, dampness and stomach. It can make nutrition more balanced and comprehensive with tofu. .

2. Fresh citron contains nitrite, which can be greatly reduced after boiling with boiling water. Of course, there is no harm in eating in moderation, and there is no need to panic.

Yellow Spring Shoots

intimate spring vegetarian recipe, it is healthy to eat in spring!

Material: Spring bamboo shoots 200g, soy sauce 15ml, cooking wine 15ml, white sugar 10g, shallots .


1. Fresh spring bamboo shoots peel off the outer hard shell, cut off the old roots, and change the knife into small pieces.

2. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the skillet. Put the spring bamboo shoots in cold water, continue to cook for 1 minute after boiling, and remove the drain.

3. Pour a little oil into the wok. When the oil temperature is 60% hot, pour in the spring bamboo shoots.

4. Transfer the cooking wine, soy sauce and white sugar. Stir well and add 1 tbsp of water. Cover with for about 3 minutes.

5. Finally, sprinkle shallot on the surface of the spring bamboo shoots.

Intimate Tips:

1. After the spring bamboo shoots pass through the water, the oxalic acid can be removed, and the cold water pot can be used to remove the bitter taste of the spring bamboo shoots.

2. If there is no people in the family who have strict control over the amount of sugar, you can increase the amount of sugar, which can be better for freshening, and the second can make the color of the dish brighter and more beautiful.

Asparagus fried bean husk

Intimate spring vegetarian recipe, it is healthy to eat in spring!

Material: Asparagus 150g, soy bean 80g, soy sauce 15ml, green onion 5g, salt 3g, white sugar 3g.


1. Asparagus is cut off from the old roots and cut into pieces with a knife; the bean skin is cut into strips; the green onions are cut into filaments.

2. Pour a little oil into the wok. When the oil temperature is 60% hot, add the onion and stir-fry.

3. Put the asparagus into the pot and stir fry until the asparagus begins to soften.

4. Put in the bean husk, add the soy sauce, salt and white sugar after the asparagus is evenly sautéed.

5. Continue to stir fry for 1 minute and then pan.

Intimate Tips:

1. The main nutrients of asparagus are at the top of the top shoots, which are fresh, firm and soft at the top.

2. The freshness of asparagus is reduced very quickly. After buying it, it should be eaten fresh and should not be used for a long time.

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