‘Internet + Health’ fever analysis with five health concept stocks

‘Internet + Health’ fever analysis with five health concept stocks

'Internet + Health' fever analysis with five health Concept stock In the era of high economic development and the Internet for all, China has also ushered in a golden period of ‘health’. All parties pay more and more attention to health, and all aspects of our lives I am embracing the Internet. Some people even felt that even if they were medical professionals, they didn’t really understand the true way of life. Even if they knew a lot, they might not be regarded as a habit. So they dared to try to connect medical care with the Internet. An APP, with some professional data analysis, is loved by people around you, and more and more people are now seeking such links.

Development Blueprint:

On October 22, 2016, ‘Internet + Health’ was held in Beijing, it is said that more than 10 billion has been invested More experts pointed out that during the ’13th Five-Year Plan’ period, the ‘Internet + Health’ industry is expected to break through trillions.

‘Mobile + Medical’ data:

In 2014, ‘Mobile Network + Medical’ has reached more than 2,000 apps;

In 2012, the market size of ‘mobile network + medical’ was 1.86 billion yuan;

At the end of 2017, the market size of ‘mobile network + medical’ is expected to exceed 12.53 billion yuan;


In the first half of 2015, 66 financing +3.4 billion yuan financing scale.

In the first half of 2015, pharmaceutical e-commerce financing was 1.46 billion yuan, health management financing was 990 million yuan, and medical information financing was 530 million yuan;

‘Internet + health’ Category:

1 Medical

Internet platform outside hospital medical care, setting up face-to-face consultation with doctors and patients, sick feedback, slow Intelligent functions such as disease management;

2 Non-medical categories

Drugs: health care drugs, etc., this market has always been complicated, micro-business The existence of this is greatly exacerbated by this complexity;

medical devices: companies have established contacts with medical institutions and the private health care industry to form sales channels;

Five health concept stocks:

Five health concept stocks such as Kyushu, Lejin Health, Yihua Health, International Medicine, and Yuexin Health.

Tencent also launched its own ‘Internet + Health’ APP, which is working hard to build a network platform other than medical care. In March 2016, it signed a contract with the Nine Doctors Group, although the current Internet +Health’s model is being imitated by many companies, but most of them still face the problem of financing difficulties. Nearly 80% of them are still in the A round. Investment also needs a healthy environment and reasonable advice. My micro signal is: gufengwangzi, Enter the verification code 299 to get the recommendation of the teacher, free consultation, you can also talk about assets with me, financial affairs, stock operation, life spit!