Insurer WellCare is full of third-party payments after Meridian deal

Insurer WellCare is full of third-party payments after Meridian deal

The Business Health Market offers increased revenue and increases the number of members in the third quarter of 2018 after closing the signing of the purchase of the Meridian merchantian sales firm last month.

WellCare's business report within three months ended in September, rising from 14.9% to 5.1 billion US dollars, mainly due to the 2.5 billion US Dollar deal.

With the agreement, initially announced in May, it promoted WellCare Medicaid membership in Illinois and Michigan and gave it the foundation to build an internal pharmaceutical management opportunity through the Meridian's home-based pharmacy benefits manager.

"We received medical and medical supplies,

a]yes, in the third, "said KenCaddick, WellCare healthier, in a statement." With recent recent purchasing of Meridian and our Medicaid contract winning in Florida and Arizona, we Happiness about our development conditions as we travel at the end of the year until 2019. "

The WellCare drug was also assisted by expanding the states of the Illinois Medicaid State, with most Medicare medical members and the reimbursement of the 2018 medical accounts, the company said. This tax, which is offered by experts in the past, contributes to increased revenue because the health care system pays taxes by raising insurance.

But WellCare says recovery of the health insurance account has led to a decline in income. The WellCare survey increased by 23.9% to $ 130.6 million in third-party revenue due to taxation and "acknowledged unauthorized taxes beyond the revenue revenue of Florida at the time of reward for the year 2017. "

Meridian trade has grown to 3.9 million Medicaid, an increase of 43.7% per year, and to Medicare members to 544,000, over 10.6%. WellCare says candidates in both programs have grown dramatically during the year.

The Ministry of Medicine has become a major supporter by expanding the state of Illinois's plan of Medicaid, WellCare. The results obtained from the Medicaid system were 3.2 billion dollars for the third, 18.4%. And the cost-

a]in Medicare reached $ 1.6 billion, 7.9% higher in the third quarter of 2017.

Currently, Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical WellCare's health rate increased by 7.4% to 1.1 million in September 30 due to "2018" contractors. The revenue generated from this market dropped by 9.7% to 182 million dollars due to that.

But WellCare will soon re-use drugs. Last month, she signed an Aetna drug deal, which would use WellCare medicine three times to 3.3 million. United States authorities require Aetna to launch drug programs to address CVS health.

In all, WellCare's overall business growth increased 5.5 million, an increase of 26.6% a year. The number of medical losses, representing the cost spent on health and well-being, was 84.1% in the third, compared to 85.2% at the same time last year.