Insured, hospitals continue to block after Obamacare rules

Insured, hospitals continue to block after Obamacare rules

Health and hospital accounts have continued to be highly respected since the federal court sentenced a death penalty on the Treasury Care Act.

There may be an increase in the business market in October. As the market is close to Jumma & # 39; a, the S & P 500 Index dropped more than 17% from 2018 in September.

But investors can look at stocks as dangerous investments now that the ACA is in danger; These results are due to the fact that investors are dangerous and shy at the end of the year.

"I think the ACA ruling is a new problem, so I see why people can delay it," said Brian Tanquilut, a medical researcher and Jefferies. "There is no need to buy goods, especially since most of these funds have been estimated at the end of the year, and what you want to do is the biggest thing in danger at the end of the year when it's going on."

On the other hand, Tanquilut does not think that Texas has the power to change anything, since he is still operating in the United States Supreme Court.

"A good rope is formed, it seems, to get ACA as perfect," he said.

Ana Gupte, a researcher with the online analytics of Leerink, admitted that hospitals did not appear as expected by the market, noting that HCA Healthcare had already begun to move. The Nashville price pricing continues to decline since Monday when the companies used by the firms used last January, but have small roads since then.

In the market, investors are protected from potential investments, such as Franklin, Tenn.-based Community Health Systems and Dallas based Tenet Healthcare Corp., Gupte said.

Of course, stocks in CHS and Tenet have remained worth even since Monday. CHS rose from about one week to almost 15% less than its price on Monday, a day of intense increase in which most companies increased by about 14%. Tenet went out in the week about 11% less than Monday, which had dropped by 7%.

The hospital, the President of the Prussia, the World Health Organization, lost almost 3 percent of its value between Monday and Friday.

According to Gupte, she thinks she is dealing with sellers such as Molina Healthcare and Centene and, to the other, Health Care. Molina's company was about 8% on Friday and # 39; on Monday, one day lost about 9 percent. The Centennial project dropped by 7 percent on Friday on Monday. WellCare, currently, rose 4.5% from Monday.

By 2019, Tanquilut said he thought hospitals could struggle and continue to use, especially the growing number of people, and what happened during the illness.

"The question was: Should we see the growth in 2019 on what we saw in" What is the question? "