Initial Instruction Guide

Initial Instruction Guide

Everything you've ever wanted to know about lentils, including different types, makes them healthy, cooked, and lots of icons.

There are many small meals, a tasty meal. Beer, quinoa, peas, rice, beans, peas, maize, bulgur, and barley, to name a few. Sure, do not eat only one chickpea, but a dish of baked beans? Now that is a valuable thing about it.

In the same way, it can be said about my beloved little baby – lentil. No one was served in one layer, but cooked, cooked, cooked, served, or found – the best way to serve was good.

Foods served as food for the whole world for thousands of years. Although it is thought to be from the Middle East or the East of East, today it is often found only in Asian, Indian and Mediterranean Mediterranean, but also in American cuisine.

The wonderful (and the taste) of proteins, the sweets are very inexpensive, easy to cook, and to taste the taste of everything you cook. They are also one of my favorite foods without meat. I even changed the pyramid of pork with a sweater when friends came to a football game. Skeptics has quickly turned into the year so that everyone rested on my own and my taste.

An nutrition nutrition, I think that lentils are here. It's full of protein, fiber, iron, folate and potassium, is a small (but strong) diet to include your diet if you are watching what you eat or try to lose weight.

Red, brown, green, French, and black colors in different subjects.

Types of Food

Jumping comes in several different forms.

  • Brown and green greens are the most popular, and most likely to serve you at a restaurant when you ask for a plastic dish.
  • The red bar (which also appears to be slightly smaller orange and sometimes yellow) is often used in Indian nutrition, such as fatigue. They also seem to be able to handle and break quickly and change continuously.
  • Black food It is not easy to find the store, but it is good. Dark food is more cloudy than their skin, red, or greens.
  • French list It looks like a very tasty and flavored (bigger for the soup!) that comes in colorful blue / blue color.
  • Puy fruits: This small blade also comes from France which is generally dark green with dark colored. They do their best, making them very good.

Food Stores?

Leverils are remarkable sources of protein, potassium, fiber, folate, and other nutritious foods. They are also good for your heart, metabolism, and metabolism. If you are looking for a batch of meat or pepper on Monday, think about adding glasses to your mirror. I like to start several times a month. From the sauce to cook and everything between, I know that I get the benefits of these superfoods without regard to how I cook it. In addition, they are full, which helps you avoid foods if you want to lose or lose weight.

Honey salad with spinach, sprouts, sprouts, and peaches in a bowl with a side lipstick.

Food Nutrition Act

According to USDA, a quarterly dryers consist of 169 calories, 12 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of fat, 30 grams of crab, 5 grams of fiber, and 1 grams of sugar. You will also find 17 mg of calcium, 3 mg of iron, 23 mg magnesium, 325 mg of potassium, and about 2 mg of zinc. Foods also provide vitamin C supplementation C, A, E, and K.

Benefits of Health Insurance Income

  • They connect the protein. One cup of dipstick contains 12 grams of protein. That's about a quarter of your daily protein needs for a normal woman. The protein consists of muscle building, tissues, joints and skin. Although you can find many proteins that eat meat, if you are vegetarian, watching your healthier fats, or want other sources of protein, lentils are a great choice.
  • It's a little fat. Food is close to fatty foods, making it a lot of food in your diet, as avocados, eggs, salmon and olive oil.
  • They are fiber. Here are five grams of fiber in each bone service that can help you feel full feel, too long and you can act as a food suppressor. Fiber is also very good to protect your metabolism, and can help you to manage your weight. Most people need between 25 and 30 grams of fiber per day, but do not get them all. Add cooked beans in salad, side, or large plate to ensure you meet all your fiber needs.
  • Beer, pie, iron Foods are the main sources of iron. Proposed bonus for average iron mean about 18 mg per day. One of the services is made up of 3 mg, so you are already on the sixth general road that you take every day to take just one bottle of milk. Your body needs iron to carry oxygen in your body. If you do not get sufficient iron in your diet, you can get sick with weakness, fatigue, loss of hair and vertigo.
  • They are healthy. Bone fiber fiber in bones can help reduce your cholesterol, preventing heart disease, hypertension, strokes, and heart attacks. Low sodium is good for your blood pressure and potassium foods as well as in blood circulation.
  • It's folate. One of the vitamins B, folate is central to helping your body cells. It is very important for pregnant or pregnant women to become pregnant because it helps prevent birth defects.
  • They have mandatory antioxidants. Antioxidants of lentils are found in vitamins A and C including. Antioxidants These help to break free radicals and protect your cells from oxygen damage. Lentils also help combat cancer because they include a strong sense of tannin.

Is the fruit healthy beans?

Both types of beans and greens are healthy foods, if they are properly prepared (they are not healthy now if they are covered with heavy sauces, cooked with fat, or other non-healthy foods). Lentils and beans have high amorphous material, but this also varies depending on the type. Usually milk contains a lot of tastes made of tin. Depending on your diet or your nutritional needs, beans and vegetables are both healthy, when you eat moderately.

Lentils Gluten-Free?

Yes, lentils are gluten-free since fruit is not made from wheat, barley, or rye. However, some nutritious foods may contain gluten, so be sure to ask when you eat or replace any gluten-free substances that do not gluten-free when you cook at home.

Is Lantils suitable for vegetable?

Lentils are not vegetables. They are part of the legumes family, including their beans, beans, peas, peanuts and beans. Legumes are harvested, dried fruits. Technically speaking, they are part of the wound family.

Is the Cucumber Food?

Food is not really true. Considering that there is a barrel of fat in each of the itchy, I would say you do not worry about bone fractions. They look like a kind of bread or pastry, but the good news is healthy! Try to keep in the oven.

Does Lentils Superfood?

Many of my favorite foods come under this "super" section. If we speak very strongly, we are talking about nutritional, vitamins, and other senses that your body needs to be the best, and then, lentils are superfood.

Lean Education on tortillas maize with leafy leaf leaf.

How to eat & eat

Before eating candies, be sure to rinse (throw away any stone, crushed stone, or cut into pieces). Food is not required to be wet before eating, such as beans. The mineral-effect is three-to-one. So any cups of corn, be sure to cook three cups of water or soup. Yes, the height can be doubled!

We have a lot of choice and cooked methods.

On the stovetop. When creating a Simple Food and Three Easy Way, this is my preferred method. When you put on other solar panels, add broths and sauces, all the left should be softened to your pot. Wait 25 minutes, you have an article food that everyone will enjoy!

If this is not easy, I have a simple waste disposal for unwanted substances. My Stovetop Scale Simple Stovetop contains only five parts (if you count water, salt and pepper). Even the best cooking also feels like bird meat after making these fruits.

Light machine. Sometimes we do not have time to watch even the pot. For these events, I use the stove slowly. Lentils are a preserve to relax and forget – in addition, you can add any vegetable or plant you like to a dish. The possibility is almost all. For Dessert Dessert, I use vegetable broth, onion, and other ingredients to add deep and tasty to other popular.

If you like the idea of ​​baking beans, but eating something else, why try to taste the bone tastes as I did in this garbage for Ice Cream? I promise even the most cooked milk will be a change after trying these mirrors.

Soup. I can not tell the cold weather like broth. I like to add my sauce in my sauce, regardless of the soup. It does not really matter. I think that there is always a place for a bone. TABLETS Bariisiga lentils and rice consists of spicy pepper and sliced ​​booga very good food, and makes a great deal of the rest!

Baked. Yes, so the only time I will take the banana jar is when you make a Palestinian movie. These only work in recruiting. It has already been cooked, and using the bulbs instead of chickpeas adds a little more to you than looking for a refurbished rubbish. These make these meals easy this week, and I promise when doing them, they will be part of a regular diet fast!

How to Choose It

The only way to buy lentils is dried. You can buy it by wrapping or wrapping the rest of the beans. When half a half, it looks like they are split peas. When looking for a visa, you will want to choose those who are completely dry and not stressed. The problem is, you can not come directly into any candle to make sure that every one is perfect. My proposal is to check the baggage you buy. Give a little shake. Some of the most glasses do not look dry and their colors should be? They are more likely to buy.

You can buy canned rubber, but I see it as a bargain. Though they serve it now and beyond.

Four cups of various types of glass.

How to protect pests

Chips can run smoothly forever. As long as they are in a tightly sealed container, stored in a dry, cool, dark (like your luggage), you can use it as much as you wish. Certainly, the taste may go out of some, but how much do you actually keep getting rid of the lights? The good law of the thumb is to use it within a year. More time!

If you are looking to keep the cooked cooked boots, this is not a problem. However, those who have never had. Store your garbage collection boards for five to seven days in a closed container. If you want to cook and then skate, these will keep the refrigerator up to six months. However, it is advisable to know that the melt and peel nuts are very soft. The mood will still be present, but you may not enjoy the stress. Therefore, I advise you to eat as soon as possible.

Can you eat a clean diet?

By emotion, you can eat raw coconut, but what would you like? Most of the benefits of eating nutrients from lentils come from cooking, in addition to having a good taste when cooked. If you really want to eat waste, you can break through with water running up to seven or eight hours and then for a few days to come out. Drinking water produces vitamin C and mediates fats that can cause some people to digest the digestive system.