Infertility or head problems

Married for many years without a child

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Li are a pair of loving couples, family harmony, and always in pairs. This fairy godmother, who is envied by everyone, has an unspeakable regret. After six years of marriage, she has not been able to have a child. Ms. Li took Mr. Zhang everywhere to check, Chinese medicine Western medicine, visited a lot of hospital gynecologists, is not able to find out what is wrong. Is the problem on the husband? Ms. Li knocked on her side and urged her husband to check.

The check results came out and the husband was all right.

What is the reason for their long-term infertility? The expectant wife is getting more and more embarrassed. There are often symptoms of headache, and the breasts sometimes have lactation. Ms. Li did not care, thinking that this was the negative impact of her own depression. Until one day, Ms. Li passed out in the kitchen. . . . . .

The truth is white – infertility has another hidden feeling

In the hospital, the husband holding the diagnosis result list is stunned. The diagnosis results read: pituitary adenoma. The doctor recommended them to go to Sanbo Brain Hospital, Capital Medical University, which is good at treating such diseases. The couple rushed to Beijing without stopping. According to Professor Yan Changxiang, director of the pituitary tumor and infertility clinic in Sanbo Brain Hospital of Capital Medical University, it is this pituitary tumor that has made them unable for many years. At this point, the truth is clear.

Ms. Li’s pituitary tumor is a typical prolactin-type pituitary adenoma. Professor Yan performed surgical resection and combined with medical treatment. After a period of treatment, she was discharged. After half a year, Li Wei was pregnant. Successfully gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby.

Experts reveal: pituitary tumors are related to infertility

Professor Yan Changxiang: Prolactin-type pituitary adenoma is the most common pituitary adenoma, which occurs mostly during the growth period and is female. One of the important reasons for infertility. The main pathological mechanism is the interfering glandular endocrine axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis), which inhibits ovulation. However, the early symptoms of pituitary tumors are not obvious and it is difficult to find them at the first time. Infertility patients often go around for medical treatment, and finally found that infertility was originally a pituitary tumor. Therefore, patients with infertility should not ignore the factor of pituitary adenoma when investigating!