In the informal section, the letter is smeared with “mountain tea map”

In the informal section, the letter is smeared with “mountain tea map”

Wu Xueliang

This is a painting by Zhou Zhixuan, a painter of the Ming Dynasty, which is one of the flower albums.

 Inconsistent, the letter smeared

The work is a piece of camellia, a few camellia, There are several sets of leaves in the phase, the camellia is double-hook with the pen, the leaves are written with no bones, and there are changes such as twists and turns, lengths and rounds of the lines. It also has the effect of changing the ink color and the use of the pen to make the turn, the priority should be Say this is a casual work.

The branches of the works are interspersed, and the sets of mosaics are scattered and scattered. It seems to be a letter, but it is not lost. It shows the deep skill of the painter using ink. In an informal manner, free swaying should be the first impression left by this piece of work. In this work, the painter is not in the middle of the law, but the smearing of the letter, straight to the chest, just as the author said in the collection of the “Yu Shen La Yue play.” Because of this, the picture is more comfortable, more natural, and has no sense of pretense.

Zhou Zhijun (1527-?), a painter of the Ming Dynasty. The word service Qing, No. Shaogu, Changzhou people (now Jiangsu). Good to draw flowers and birds, and create a hook and leaf method.