Immediately: A breathalyzer to diagnose the malaria?

Immediately: A breathalyzer to diagnose the malaria?

The study on malaria virus requires a blood sample and tests to test it. But a study by a committee by Dr. Audrey Odom John of Washington's University of Medicine has designed to be an epidemic of malaria that can detect the virus by detecting it.

The findings received Odom John's $ 10,000 IDEA prize recently at IDWeek, a conference of specialists in health, disease and immunization. The competition is the new IDWeek for honest people to introduce their creators, products and services to professionals.

After four years of research, Odom John, professor of biotechnology and bacteria at St. Louis, can show six symptoms of calm breathing to diagnose malaria.

"Our next step is to ensure that these experts are in the process of reviewing before installing the device to use it," said Odom John via email.

This makes the way easy, affordable and efficient to help babies and babies grow in developing countries where tests can be difficult to manage.