Ignore the Reinforcement Initiative

Ignore the Reinforcement Initiative

COVID-19 exploded just as well in our lives as the F5 storm and ruined our sense of safety with al & # 39; s.

This is quite the opposite
every event we have ever done. Most people feel a combination of unexplained things
fear + uncertainty.

When can I (safely)
get up and see Mom again?

& # 39; My niece / husband / friend
lose their job / business?

Is there toilet paper a
a grocery store today?

Will the school reopen in

Another COVID-19 result
(and contributor to stress) is we are encouraged to use this time for
learning a new language or training half a race or improving ourselves in others

Pressure for sure. Me
a perfect entry when I think of starting a garden or cleaning +
prepare the basement.

Ultimately, I didn't do any of these things.

It is better to stop COVID
self & al & # 39; ada.

Al & # 39; ad Hustle is the position of al & # 39; umma that you can only succeed by trying your best and maximum strength. Every day. Al & # 39; ad hustle does not take lunch break. Al & # 39; hustle adhesive does not shrink. Even in the face of global epidemics. Specifically when dealing with the global epidemic.

No more his & # 39; o & # 39; i both regular? It is best to fill this out when something useful.

In the & # 39; a few weeks ago, I did
not invited to one, not two, but three groups to take the exercise on
Facebook. A virtual home to advertise dedicated exercise programs and Peloton credits
and miles or meters rowed daily.

While I believe it is important to take care of our bodies now, I am quietly excluding any group.

Taking time to do things that are not necessary, or a list of sites, reminds us that there is more to us in this world than just doing things.

If she feels good set a big goal, take it. But if the basics are all you can control, that's okay.

There is no right way to "do"
an epidemic.

I'm fine I'm fine. Yours
the loved ones are in good health. That's what matters to me right now.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had as well take note Participate in al & # 39; s COVID.

The Internet wants you to believe that you are not doing enough with all the “extra time” you have right now. But being in it and meeting the demands of life are many.

💙 Robyn

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