IAEA centers focus on ensuring the use of IT in exporting services

IAEA centers focus on ensuring the use of IT in exporting services

After investing millions of dollars on new technologies, health care providers must find ways to ensure renewable investment. This is not easy, especially when some doctors continue to resist the use of digital equipment to their great potential, or when their own technology creates a fence.

Pamela Arora and Ken Lee provide international examples to show how technology can improve the care of low cost. Managing Editor Matthew Weinstock recently spoke with Arora, Dallas Health Care, and Lee Health Centura on procedures related to IT's health guidelines. These are writing the data.

Problems in technology in alma

Pamela AroraPamela Arora

The Chief Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
Children and Kids, Dallas

MH: How does the move to provide extra care from your clinic affect your IT station?

Add: We started an important telemedicine program and the materials around it. We want to take care of patients in schools, at home, and in rural areas across the state and through our NICU and tele-ER programs.

We are in more than 100 schools today. Also, we have telemedicine involved in social activities. So not only from a doctor at school but we also meet the needs of this child.

It is important to our organization and we believe that we need to help children in peace and when they are sick in the hospital walls.

MH: When you say that you are in 100 schools, are there any doctors living in the school, telemedicine or two?

Add: He has telemedicine in schools. I think this is very important because we use the tools in our community to enable these kids to develop their skills and skills if they are needed.

MH: What's the conversation like the other C-suite and the board on getting into the net?

Add: They have been very helpful. He's smart enough, so we're sure he's sure he's safe.

There are some technical tips when we connect with two-to-two-to-one-to-one-and-a-half-time medical care-where security sometimes is not at the level we want. In the meantime,

These times,

in hand,

some medical practitioners to work with them to find security solutions … which can only be done with their needs at the cost of their prices.

There is a program called CyberAid. We meet a vendor that, for a day's cost of a cup of coffee, can provide monitoring and services to address the malware problem that goes into these small businesses. At times, we collect some of the medical services on EHR and create a good environment, not only for these doctors but on ongoing care, up to this information.

Our]These are areas we are trying to develop.

MH: Part of this is also interoperability. Talk a little bit about sharing information with your child provider.

Add: We believe the importance of providing data and we are in a way to share what we can. For example, we distribute information on health insurance and Security Security as well, while this is a small minority, which helps them to get more money and save us government.

This example is one, but we use it in various alternatives and we enhance EHR's upgrade capabilities. We found that he was very capable of distributing the information. But even when you are doing so, there are problems with interaction between different systems.

I'll give you two examples. So easy with babies and make a gathering. If you have information such as the parent's email address and phone number, your ability to match the child, to ensure that you have the assurance that you correspond to the record, has increased by 10%. But many times, terms may not require that you have an email or phone number.

From a Lab that displays, there is no appropriate way to distinguish the result. So, for example, there are results of radio frequency or organic results. Both of them are in a system (as high as the hospital). If C-CDA specifications vary between different types of vendors, let's say Epic, Cerner or Texture, that can connect databases to the patient's signal, giving you full experience. for doctors and patients. Without explanation, it is difficult to know what is being sent with the results … and doctors have forced them to look up all the results without distributing, distributing, or filing, and if they commit sexual immorality , they can be confused.

Help doctors improve EHR character

Ken LeeKen Lee

The Chief Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
Centura Centers, Centers for Printing, Color.

MH: Come well with your vision. Are there any investments you make in order to counter what your health is doing?

See: And a. 1 I say it's close to Epic. One of our doctors asked, "Are we doing epic work, or do we do a medical treatment?"

We have found some relevant information about our medical professionals and used them as Epic and we've been working with Epic about how to measure this. It includes such things as the evolution of science science to get an epic effect for each doctor. Information includes items such as using Epic after typing, commanding instructions using the services; things that show how Epic is used.

We took this statement and started a program where we provided Epic coach to each of our doctors in an ongoing relationship to improve the value of the epic doctor.

We are the first of these systems, but the feedback was good. We start to receive email thanks to our trainers for their teaching. Also,

in addition to the Epic Jobs on Lean to improve working conditions, and therefore a good upgrade of work and work should help the doctors next to the car to the Triple Aim goal.

MH: Are you sharing this epic episode, as well as the way you share the professional goal of a clinic?

See: We start to spread information. My goal is to use the line, a brief description, to understand how we work in different ways. Let us also look at the work we do in my teaching and help inform them about how to improve the number of doctors who are responsible for. We are in the baby, but I think we will understand some good results. In fact, I read an article about the health care system that did this and I expect an increase of 47 percent in their users.

MH: How do you view this interaction with your Triple Aim policy?

See: More and more we can restore it to our users, the timing of their time that can focus on the happiness of the patient and the best impact that will impact your health effect. In addition to human health services, we … worked with the Epic on improving the care and care equipment, regarding the risk of risk; Taking notes from the payers and the Epic, you can also connect with the people.

MH: Are there any sections that have the same symbol of patience that while you are looking for a lot of research, you want to roll up some of your research activities to build and improve human health systems?

See: We have a joint venture with Unitedalthalthcare on a plan called the Colorado Doctors Plan, which is still the price-and-service of the models, looking at a more active member's capacity to reduce control over and increase all customer experience. It is near the network we interact with.

As part of this, we have taken algorithms-all of which we have from the United States and some of the learning activities we have derived from other health systems-so that we can be more likely to risk this population's population. Our investments in engineering and AI training are now good. As part of the Century Health Center of the 2025 Centura Center, we have a plan to grow and grow in our markets, and one of the things we are working on is the first step in how we live, as the IT organization, to continue integrate our business policies and focus on the current developments that are relevant to the 2025 program, and then make sure that we are collaborating on what we do not work on.