Healthy health information named Dr. William Shrank is the new medical officer to begin April 1.

He was born from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he served as a Senior Medical Officer of the Insurance Company since 2016. He also served as a senior position at CVS Health and became a successful research director. Exercise evaluation at CMS Centers for Innovation & Innovation.

"Dr. Shrank's law as a medical practitioner, with his expertise in health systems, pharmaceuticals, government and science institutions has made him a special target for our team," said President Bruce Broussard in a statement. "Experience on the value of the value and medical conditions in the area that is of vital importance is as we continue our care plan."

He was replaced by Dr. Roy Beveridge, who last year said he would retire from the United States in 2019. Beveridge will be with Kim a few months after Shrank has been involved in volunteering and transition. He worked with Beveridge and continued his system of insurance and led by the company's "scheming" campaign to improve human health and to address human rights issues. United States different.