Human health stems from cell health

1. People are made up of 60–75 trillion cells, the cell is the most basic unit of the human body! 2. The cells are made up of nutrients. People need to eat 60 tons of nutrients in their lives to nourish cells. 3. The essence and source of human health is that cells should be healthy! Scientific discovery: the causes of all the diseases that people suffer can be attributed to the problem of cells… The cells have problems —— Organization has problems ——- Organ problems —–The system has a problem ——- people will get sick! 4. In modern society, Western medicine is to solve the problem of human organs. Traditional Chinese medicine is to solve the problem of human body system. Nutritional health care is to solve the problem of human body cells. Therefore, taking health care products is the foundation of health care, and it is the palliative!

Whether it is a general cold, a mental illness like depression, or a life-threatening cancer, all symptoms are caused by a malfunction of the body cells. Two reasons for cell dysfunction: 1. Malnutrition (the cell does not get what it needs): The raw materials needed to repair and reproduce the cells are incorrect or insufficient;

The lack of any kind of human nutrition can cause Uncomfortable, even the disease! 2, toxin invasion (cells are poisoned by what it does not need): bacteria, viruses can also harm the body by producing toxins!

Why do we want to eat? —— Providing the problem of cell nutrition. The first time I heard it, it’s weird. People have to grow up, they need energy, they want to… a lot. We all know that our human body is made up of systems, the system consists of organs, the organs are made up of tissues, and the tissues are made up of cells, which are the smallest units of life that make up our body.

In other words, we are trying to provide nutrition to cells, and we must eat so many things every day. The “Exploration” program has said that if a person’s life is 78 years old, he will eat 60 tons of food in his life. These foods are to provide sufficient and comprehensive nutrition for the cells!

If you compare the human body to a house, then the cells are bricks. Only solid bricks can build a stable building. If your cells are damaged, you will not get enough nutrition. It would be like a hollow brick, a brick without a corner, a brick that cuts corners, and how can you dare to live in such a brick house? Don’t dare! But do you know that 75% of us are in an unhealthy state, they are people living in such a house, that is to say, 75% of the people’s cells are not adequately nourished.

Everyone knows that the seven essential nutrients the body needs are: protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and water. It takes a full, sufficient and balanced intake of human nutrition to be healthy. We know that cells are the smallest basic unit that makes up the human body. The human body is composed of 60-75 trillion cells. The relationship between the human body and the cells is a relationship between the whole and the part.

What stole the nutrition of the cells? 1. Unreasonable eating habits: big fish and big meat, overeating, fast food, staying up late, junk food. 2. Nutritional losses during transportation and cooking: washing, cutting, boiling, frying, frying and frying. 3. The decline of nutrition in food itself: finishing, greenhouse, genetic modification, environmental pollution, etc.

What is the poisonous cell? 1. External Toxins: Sunlight, Air, Water, Food, Chemistry, Radiation Pollution 2. Internal Toxins: Metabolic Waste, Stress, etc. When the accumulation of toxins exceeds the ability of the liver to detoxify, they destroy all cells above and below the body. Toxic blood is called toxemia, and toxemia is closely related to many diseases such as allergies, asthma, skin diseases, cancer, rheumatism, gout, arrhythmia, headache, and mental problems.

Three stages of cell dysfunction: 1. Cell dysfunction (sub-health) 2. Local tissue damage (ulcer, inflammation) 3. Organ function decline (diabetes, uremia, hypertension, heart disease) And other diseases) cells – tissue – organs – life sub-health – your cells are sick, the cells are warning you! Cell function determines human health: stimulates cell potential! Inspire the “superpower of cell self-repair and regeneration” that is inherently hidden in the human body, which makes the body self-repair and rebirth, delays aging, and keeps you young!

Cell activation solution 1. Replenish nutrients needed by cells, increase cell energy, accelerate cell repair and regeneration 2, effectively eliminate toxins, reduce body burden, and activate cells. The important significance lies in “in” and “in” The impact of “out”, the realization of true health is the perfect achievement of “in” and “out”. Advance ——— promote nutrient absorption ——— speed up the elimination of toxins What is cell nutrition?

Simply, it is to give each of your cells a comprehensive and balanced nutrition that promotes cell repair, activation, and regeneration to achieve optimal function.

The relationship between cell nutrition products and cell nutrition delivery system: The first step: food (nutrition supplements, rich in balanced nutrients) Step 2: Digestive system (digestion, decomposition, absorption of nutrients) Three Steps: Circulatory System (Transportation Nutrition) Step 4: Every cell of the tissues and organs of the whole body (utilizing nutrition): nutrients that meet human needs + conditioning digestive system + promoting blood circulation + increasing cell viability= cell nutrition products for everyone All should be healthy and everyone can be healthy! A happy life begins with health, and complete health begins with rich and balanced nutrition! Let us live a healthy and happy life together.

The onset of cancer is the process of mutations in the cell core caused by the lack of nutrition in the cells and the influence of the external environment!