How to prevent arthritis? What should you pay attention to in arthritis diet?

How to prevent arthritis? What should you pay attention to in arthritis diet?

A wide variety of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Among many arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common, but in osteoarthritis Knee osteoarthritis is the most common. So what is the cause of knee arthritis?

How to prevent arthritis? Arthritis diet should pay attention to what ?


Excessive weight increases joint load and may be due to factors such as posture gait movement. Women who are overweight, especially overweight, are more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis. Studies suggest a causal relationship between obesity and knee osteoarthritis in women.

Joint damage

Injury near the joint or joint sometimes induces osteoarthritis, such as fractures and articular surfaces, ligament tears leading to joint instability And the meniscus tear causes abnormal wear of the articular cartilage. Knee joint ligament injury, fat pad injury, meniscus injury, traumatic synovitis, knee osteoarthritis, etc. can cause knee pain.

Excessive joint use

The knee joint exerts rapid flexion and extension for a long time, increasing the wear and tear of articular cartilage, such as frequent quick walking, bicycle, badminton, mountain climbing, Activities such as climbing stairs, some activities that cause the joints to be repeatedly subjected to stress stimulation, such as frequent or repeated lifting of heavy objects and sputum, sputum, etc., can cause joint damage and cause cartilage degeneration.

Wind, cold, wet, evil invasion

Because of poor blood circulation in the knee, it is vulnerable to rheumatism and cold, and even hurts the knee joint. Such as deep water, shower after exercise, sedentary long-sleeved wetlands, fishermen’s offshore operations, farmers working in greenhouses for a long time, lack of protection in cold storage workers, military officers standing in the snow, on motorcycles, cold wind blowing to joints, women Comrades wearing short skirts in winter or menstrual lower limbs after menstruation are vulnerable to cold and cold.

Degenerative Lesions

As the age increases, the functions of various organs of the body gradually decrease, the secretion of mucus in the joint cavity decreases, the articular cartilage is dry, and gradually wears out. Thinning, joint bone hyperplasia combined with physiological atrophy of the muscles around the joint, ligament elasticity is weakened, and knee joint activity is gradually reduced. Increased age, reduced bone mass, osteoporosis. The bearing capacity per unit area is reduced, resulting in a degeneration.

To prevent knee pain, you need to do the following:

1. Reasonable diet, advocate the use of high-quality protein such as lean meat, fish, shrimp, chicken, Shrimp rice, kelp, seaweed, crispy fish, oysters, seaweed, sesame paste and other foods. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C: such as fresh vegetables and fruits, can promote the absorption of calcium, while preventing osteoporosis, it can also promote the knee joint to produce more lubricating fluid in order to maintain normal exercise.

2. Correctly apply the principles of human mechanics to solve practical problems in life

Use the whole body to rotate the torso and do not twist your body. When the jaw is squat, the weight of the knee joint is 3 to 6 times its own weight, so it is not suitable for a long time. Work with large muscles or muscle groups as much as possible. For example, to extract heavy objects, the waist muscles must cooperate with other muscle groups to reduce the burden on the knee joint.

3, wearing shoes is stressful. The front of the shoe should be loose, and the insole should be slightly thicker to reduce the wear of the knee joint. Try not to wear high heels to reduce knee damage. If you must wear high heels in certain occasions, it is best not to exceed 5 cm, try to reduce the time of wearing, go home to do barefoot exercise, soak feet with hot water to eliminate fatigue.

4. Controlling body weight is within the normal range, and weight loss is beneficial to reduce the weight of the joint.

5. Add clothing at any time during the cold season, keep warm, prevent the knee from getting cold, and wear knee pads if necessary.

6. Choosing proper physical exercise can promote the metabolism of the body, increase the toughness of the bone, increase the bone mass, reduce the weight of the knee joint, strengthen the muscle strength, and choose to walk, swim, etc. movement. When exercising outdoors, wear comfortable sneakers (sports shoes have a certain damping effect). However, it is not advisable to do sports such as climbing, going up and down stairs.

7. Functional training of the four muscle heads and the biceps muscles

The quadriceps muscles in front of the thigh muscles and the biceps muscles in the back. The function of the quadriceps is to make the calf stretch, the thigh flex, and the knee joint to bend the hip joint; the biceps femoris is mainly responsible for controlling the knee flexion and thigh stretching action, the function is to stretch the hip and bend the knee.

(1) Quadriceps training:

1 Tibial movement: The patient is supine, the knee is straight, and the isometric contraction and relaxation of the quadriceps are visible. The bone moves up and down, called the tibia movement. You can also use the chair seat, the knee is straight, the foot is placed on the ground, the quadriceps are contracted by the same length, the humerus is pulled upwards for 5 seconds, then restored, repeated 20 to 40 times;

2 knee extension exercise: patient sitting position, knee flexion 90 °, left and right turns knees, stretched for 5 seconds, then restored, repeated 20 to 40 times;

3 straight leg movement: patient supine position Lift the straight leg up to 45° for 5 seconds, then let go and repeat 20 to 40 times.

(2) biceps training:

1 prone position, slowly bend the knee to 90°, hold for 5 seconds, then put down, take turns, repeat 20 to 40 times .

2 supine position, knees put your feet flat on the floor, put the buttocks and the middle and lower back up, so that the middle part of the body is 45° with the ground for 5 seconds, then put it down and repeat 20 to 40 times.

Functional training needs to be persevering, step by step, perseverance every day, every training with muscles feeling sour and hot, the next day, self-feeling is easy, not excessive.

What are the dietary contraindications for arthritis patients?

1. Eat less sweets, which can exacerbate joint synovitis because of its allergies. Progression, easy to cause joint swelling and increased pain.

2. Eat less foods containing tyrosine, phenylalanine and tryptophan, such as goat’s milk, peanuts, chocolate, millet, cheese, and toffee, because they produce arthritis-causing substances. It is easy to cause allergies and cause arthritis to worsen, relapse or worsen.

3, drink less alcohol and coffee, tea and other beverages, pay attention to the passive smoking, because it can exacerbate the deterioration of arthritis.

4. Rheumatoid arthritis should eat less fat, high animal fat and high cholesterol foods, because of the ketone bodies, acids, arachidonic acid metabolites and inflammatory mediators. Inhibition of T lymphocyte function, easy to cause and aggravate joint pain, swelling, osteoporosis and joint destruction.