How to Make Easy-Carb and Keto When You Walk

How to Make Easy-Carb and Keto When You Walk

Most of the foods found at airports, service stations (gas) or on the road, are many in the architects and gourmet restaurants, who spend a long time with a lifestyle feeling that he has too difficult.

After about 9 months, I walk through the world by air, development, car and boat, means I have to have a good idea about how to make a carbohydrate style on the go.

Below you have some tested tests and articles that you can do before, when and after you go to help you keep eating.

During your travels

The key to continuing eating your diet while traveling is in the diet you plan. Also, eating with you will not be an option. The list below will cover the food you eat and what you can pick up whenever you go, depending on which transportation conditions you use

How to Make Easy-Carb and Keto When You Walk

1. Walking through Air

For many people, Blackness may be one of the most difficult ways to travel and maintain this style. Most countries have restrictions on what you can and can not take on security, especially in water options.

Similarly, restriction of goods may make it difficult to take some food with you. On the ground I've been tested and tested, go-to the food for when you are walking by the wind.

Mega Roll-Ups

This can be every kind of cold meat such as bacon, ham, salami, turkey meat and so on. With 1-2 slices of cheese (depending on how much meat is!).

You can roll as much as you can add some varieties of tomatoes, cucumber or lettuce. In the experience, the basic weight of the ingredient is easier to eat. Once rolled up, it encloses them in some way or film while this will keep the space in your hands – just keep it safe and secure it elsewhere and they will not succeed.

Right Chocolate

Take 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture that was purchased or cut off from home before leaving (about 30 grams in weight). Additionally, this is a diet that you can plan before the expense but many airport stores (such as the Cathedral, Babybel etc.) are now available so you can pick them up on the go.

Food Dining

Biltong, salad sauce, kabanas sausages even pork rinds. Additionally, this is a snack that you can buy before you travel with you without the need to clean. This is also a cooked food that is common in some shops at other airports. You can cook your meat meat:

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds including almonds, Brazilian bacteria, walnuts, hazelnuts, nuts nuts, macadamia molecules, sunflower and pumpkin. (Here is a complete guide to drugs and seeds, including grain statistics and nutrition information and services.) These are probably one of the food providers. Try where you can always choose cars that have a car with a small cab and be clear, roasted or salted without any hair or food that is good.

While some airports provide good or salted nuts, most options get water or add sugars to them, or just give as much as a nut option. These two recipes are optional options that you can take at home and easily adapt yourself. You can make a comment or seeds:


Cucumber, celery, peppers or carrots. Cutting some vegetables into the batons can do what is good to take with you. It is advisable that although they are designed as water options, they will not be allowed such things as dips or nut butters by security by the airport.

Dark Chocolate

Have 2-3 squares & chocolate in excess of 70% cocoa (at least 85-90%, more dark and better). Although this will not be a great diet, your selection can be especially helpful if there is a slow walk or if you feel a little tired of thinking that cravings can be played while walking.

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Olive Olives

You can buy olive oil as the most nutritious food in the packaging package. This means they do not have enough transportation, and you can find them by security at the airport and make sure they have good food with you.

Properties and Divided Parts

Search for options (raw or toasted) only, and avoid productive products. Having a snack with you that includes coconut means that you will be able to use a strong, strong force on the move.

Always make sure you look at the label on something that contains coconut as often adding chemical ingredients that can escape inside. You can make Cereal, Keto Granola or Chips Chips.

Coffee and Cream

Benefits of Americano (hot or cold) with steam cream (stained or tightly). There is a great deal at Starbucks or Costa Coffee at any airport in the world now and I can not find anyone yet Amerine with cream.

If you are unable to collect any food or anything at the airport, then this can be a great savior to keep going until you reach your destination.

Low-Carb or Ketogenic Snack Bar

Small & small bars and small fence such as Quest, Adapt or perfect Carpet Bars and great for walking. Not all bars are really cleared so keep track of hidden carbs and starches – always registry labels to ensure no blood sugar spiking sweeteners such as Sorbitol, Maltitol and IMOs.

How to Make Easy-Carb and Keto When You Walk

2. Railway Travel

The flight can allow you to leave a few minutes with restrictions on what you can and can not carry with you. Certainly there are restrictions on options that you might take during your planning. Also, while the train station can find some shopping carts, most of the foodstuffs on the diet are limited so I will try and make sure you have prepared most of your food for this kind of transportation.

All the options in the flight mode will be good to take with you while traveling through the railway. Some options include:

Greek / Natural Yoghurt

Most places you can buy a little yoghurt yogurt or one that is best to take with you on the go. While describing them or adding a few tips of nuts and seeds to make a big snack or light. It is only fair to prepare a spoon and try to get this closer and set on a walk if you can not take a lunch without you.

Crackers and Dips

Before you travel, make a large pack of crackers with you. Combine them with something as simple as sour cream or sour cream or some guacamole will provide simple, easy-to-eat meals in the car. And do not forget the nail seaweed crisps, a low-carb growth! Here are some attachments to a great and easy way to jump jumping.

Nut Butter Snack-Packs

Almond, cotton or butter, qualities mixed with lard are all simple. Every puppet that can buy online has the power to pick up from your business studios and make great foodstuffs.

Make sure that those who have a drug or drug with the aroma and avoid those who contain chocolate or honey because this will have sugar in them. Work on your own, with a glass of chocolate or even fresh fresh.

Vegetable Food Berries

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries are all low in carbs. This may be one that you absolutely need to schedule. Getting a pack of berries with you can work as a good snack on their own, or can be added to something like yoghurt or dip with some butter butter.

Smoothies & Shakes

If you are trying a little over the bags, this may not be the best option to the option. However, if you can, homemade loading can be a great food to go while you are walking. Here are some ketogenic and low-carb smoothies & shakes. You can also play a musical instrument and add a tire before serving. More has a great selection of flight options!

Canned Fish

Salmon, tuna, sardine or mackerel are all healthy. Tins of fish can be a great companion walking as they do not take up much space and they can pass for quite a while! If you are taking this option though, you will probably have one that has an open source at the top. To read more about the best option, consult our Guide Leader for Good and Efficient Choice.

How to Make Easy-Carb and Keto When You Walk

3. Walking by way

If you can walk through the road, especially your car, then it can hang on with your ketogenic life that is much easier than you can possibly plan most. Similarly, the food you need to chilling you can carry with you in the cold bag.

Additionally, all restaurants arranged in the airline and in the car will be suitable for traveling through the roads. Remember that if you are driving to ensure that you are careful about taking when you should eat and drink.

Spoiled spoons

Take the eggs of the fertile eggs. These sounds are simple but they make a big catastrophe as you travel. Whether to do all or meet some local mayonnaise. Try and boil this either on the night before or in the morning before you go and make sure you keep in the cool bag


Cut in half, place the hole in it and place some lime or lime in it. Put halves together to prevent browning. What you need is to spoon and there are no salt birds – my lunch is ready to work!

Add Muffins

Take 2-3 egg muffins. Such meat is easy to pack and it means you will have some essential food for walking.

Sandwiches & Wraps

If you have a few minutes to eat, prepare a lunch with you by filling it with all your favorite dishes. Unwich or ham and veg-ups are any great option to start on the move. Try some of the following options:

Bread Bread & More

If you have more than a few minutes, wash some small pieces of small wood or baked bread and make it sandy sandwichs. Try some of the following options:

Keto Sweet Treats

Take 1-2 items with you. Getting paid with you on your travels can help you to avoid testing from the gas station.

For many people, walking can be frustrating and as we know, we do not always eat because of the reasons for hunger. Make sure you have the opportunity to use some of the old things that can help with any diet. These recipes are beautiful and comfortable and keeps you able to make and carry with you: