How to make Best Ever Guacamole

How to make Best Ever Guacamole

Guacamole, with a structure, color, and a pleasant flavor, can make it a god or a rabbit.

And while this tincture serves a lot of nutrients that your body needs as fat and fitness, it's so easy to eat. And many of the best things can start – not good at putting them in the middle of your line. That is why we serve these lightweight types of vegetable foods. It uses a very small, non-fat yogurt that flows over the trees, which means you can eat this tasty medicine more than a muffler!


Although we are sure the guitar will love the fact that it can eat many favorite foods, even the best part of this brochure. Things that make the best of the best ever artists are to add one piece of amazing … pineapple! When you add a sweet, sweet fruit in the gardener, you will get a sweet touch that both loves the juice and coconut.


Is not fan artist? Try to get out … Food is still tasty. Keep track of the services you like, or use SmartCarb as a whole bag or all tampons! Here's how to do:

3 avocados
1.5 cups of white milk
3/4 cup tomatoes
2/3 cups of red onion
2 Tbsp. cilantro
3 cloves of cloves
3/4 cup sweet
Juice juice one

1. Large jar of canned, mashed potato with a fork.
2. Add flour and stir until mixed.
3. Add all the absorbent ingredients to stir.

It makes 8 cups

Say as follows:
The central cup can count from ½ PowerFuel and ½ tall