How to keep increasing on a free gift

How to keep increasing on a free gift


From Health magazine

The war can be like the most important time of year-to-day, baseball, and days in the lake. But most people still get heavy in the summer, especially during their vacation.

Q: Any suggestions for protecting property during a break?

A: To improve the quality of margarita and calories, try this: On a holiday day, spend two days before two days after cutting about 25 percent calories.

Also, stay active. Travel in your days, for example. Or, better, real refreshments by driving cars for one day or planning at least morning.

Finally, however, all of this comes to the following: If you continue to make your daily meal during a break (be concerned about your diet, eat the light after pork meal, get a gym) , do not get a single pound.

Q: Is it true that your stomach can decrease?

A: The long-term route to reduce your blood pressure through the surgical procedure, which provides you with a small pistol. But you can deceive your car in a pleasant way.

Abdomen uses the daily weight of daily nutrition to be enjoyable, so the key is to reduce the volume but reduce the amount of calories. To do this, simply eat a lot of calories, such as soups, vegetables, vegetables, and all kinds of cereals; they will take a lot of space in it.