How to analyze your health through eight characters?

How to analyze your health through eight characters?

The birth of the eight characters contains all the information about life, such as academics, wealth, marriage, career direction, achievement size and so on. How do you analyze your health through the eight characters? The following is the most common way to explain this problem, and friends who have no numerology can understand it.

The birth of the eight characters is the combination of the days of your birth, a total of four groups of eight words. Among them, Tiangan is A, B, C, D, E, hex, G, s, , . These ten days have their own five elements of property, A and B are wood, Bingding fire, pentyl genus, Ginseng gold, and genus water. The relationship between the five elements is: Jinkemu, Muketu, Tuokeshui, Shuikehuo, Huokejin. Looking through the old yellow calendar, find out the day of the birth of the day, the day of birth represents the nature of our own five elements in the eight characters. If the day of birth is the day of B, it means that you are the life of the wood. If you do it for yourself, you will represent yourself as a life.

How do you analyze your health through the eight characters?

In Chinese medicine, the five elements of Jinmu Shuihuo represent the various parts and organs of the body. Wood main hepatobiliary, limbs, head; fire main eyes, heart, blood, small intestine; soil main stomach, spleen, abdomen; gold main meridian, blood, bone; water main kidney, ears, tongue.

“Medical and homologous to the same ancestor”, so through the five elements of its own nature can understand the fortune of health. For example, Jiamu is born in the autumn lunar calendar in July, and in the autumn is Jinwang, Jinnengkemu, Mu is himself, and also represents the liver and gallbladder, limbs, and head of the body. If the life is too strong, there is a lack of restraint. In the five elements, the Japanese are prone to diseases of this type. For example, if it is its own soil, the soil represents the stomach, abdomen, and spleen. In the spring season, if the five elements of the wood in the life of the squad are too prosperous, the lord is vulnerable to diseases in these parts.

How do you analyze your health through eight characters?

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