How many pounds are you fat after childbirth? My healthy weight loss small experiment certification

The baby is full of age, although he is still breastfeeding, but the food supplement has distracted some of his attention, so finally I can calm down and lose weight.

A lot of people will stop Baoma from losing weight for various reasons, especially mother-in-law, but please be sure to firmly believe in losing weight, and don’t lose weight on breast milk. It turns out that I lose weight. The milk is still a lot of months and it is very good.

Be determined to lose weight. I am 120 pounds after childbirth, almost six pounds, and my goal is to lose 110 pounds. I hate this ten pounds of meat. It hurts my original clothes and can only be worn. I am determined to have a good summer, so I started the weight loss program in winter.

In the beginning, I did worry that my baby’s milk was not enough. I have been shaken. After all, this ten pounds of meat will not leave me for a year. If I suddenly want to be beautiful, I should be satisfied. of.

First, I tried to exercise to lose weight. Every day, after the baby falls asleep, the bicycle is smashed 100 times in the air. The legs are sour at first, and it will be easy to get used for a few days. It’s about half a month. It’s really too effective. Small, thin half a catty, almost not thin, it may be the error.

There was a stepper machine. I was a lot of meat on my legs. I thought about stovepipes. I insisted on walking every day during the day and continued to bike at night. This was half a month, almost a pound more. . During this period, I will try my best to keep my abdomen and let my muscles be in a tight state. Sometimes I will forget when I play with my baby, but as long as I have a chance.

Because the harvest is not big, I try to open the gap in the diet. One afternoon, the family stopped drinking water, and the point of eating at night did not come. It happened that I didn’t feel particularly hungry and didn’t eat. Before going to bed, I was afraid that my baby would not have enough milk at night and rushed a cup of milk. This night, the baby is sleeping, but it is quite stable. Simply, I will be hungry and will pass. The result was that the weight was lighter than the next morning. This seems to give me a hint, I slowly changed my eating habits. The original three meals were changed into two meals, that is, the lunch was delayed for two hours, the dinner was not eaten, and a cup of milk was given before going to bed. Apple, this can meet the baby’s milk nutrition. In fact, as long as you ensure that every meal with a good quality is full and there is fruit supplement, you can guarantee the quality of the milk, you don’t have to eat it.

At present, I have been insisting for one month. The latest weight this morning is 113.4 kg. This result has been maintained for three days. I am still insisting on it, and my baby’s milk has no effect at all. It’s a bit regrettable for a few months before, it will really eat a lot, eat very support, I am afraid that the baby is not enough nutrition, I feel uncomfortable sleeping at night, it is a bit silly to think about it now.

I don’t know if there is a treasure mom who is losing weight like me. Is there a good way to recommend it?

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