How does healthy Tips and chronic fatigue break?

How does healthy Tips and chronic fatigue break?

Inattention, poor memory, lack of sleep… These symptoms have suddenly appeared recently, and it is likely to be chronic fatigue! If you ignore these conditions in your body, you are likely to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome!

To alleviate chronic fatigue, celebrity health advice, start with diet!

Eat fresh vegetables

Health TipsHow is chronic fatigue broken?

In order to enhance the function of the immune system and speed up recovery, you can choose 50% lettuce and fresh juice. Balanced diet. They mainly include vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other cereals, seeds and stone fruits, peeled turkey meat, and deep-sea fish. These foods provide a variety of nutrients needed to replenish strength and strengthen immunity. Do not eat shellfish.

Drink green drink

Health TipsHow to break chronic fatigue?

Add more vegetable juice to supplement vitamins such as radish juice, carrot juice, green vegetable juice or wheatgrass juice Etc., you can also take chlorophyll tablets.

Drinking water

Health Tips  How to break chronic fatigue?

Drink plenty of water (8 large glasses a day) and juice. Also need to take in the cellulose to ensure the smoothness of the intestines.

Drinking fried food

How do healthy Tips and chronic fatigue break?

The following foods should be removed from the diet: fried food, junk food, processed food, coffee, tea And soft drinks, white flour products. They are difficult to digest and only add to the burden on the body.

Eat less meals

Health TipsHow is chronic fatigue broken?

To maintain a good blood sugar balance and higher energy levels, eat 4-6 meals a day. A small amount of food, avoid eating too much for any meal. It has been found that eating a small portion of low-fat protein when waking up in the morning or sleeping at night can help increase energy levels.

It is recommended to choose high quality protein: low fat cheese, tofu, lentils and other soy products.