It's hot! Which means it's easier than ever to dehydrate. That can have consequences for your health and how you can enjoy summer activities – exercising while you are diving can lead to dizziness and congestion, so it is important to fill up with cooling foods. It can also affect your performance as you move: According to Human Kinetics, if you dehydrate at least five percent, your "electricity output" can be reduced to 30 percent.

Keeping in liquid does not only mean that your summer activities are more exciting, but also that your weight loss plan is more effective. One study published in the journal & # 39; The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism & # 39; found that when a person drinks two liters of water daily, they burn an extra 400 calories a day – even if they don't change anything else. Men in the study, kalooriyeyaashaas additional special looga burning belly fat.

You do not need to drink two full liters of water to get water, though: You can get the water your body needs to function properly in heat foods. And, according to Science Daily, it can help you eat more while you're losing it: Scientists have found that when people eat water-rich foods, they consume less calories without reducing the total amount of their food.

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Here are 11 foods for ventilation:

1. Grass & # 39; rawraw & # 39;


Water in: 90%

One cup of 50 calories of pears can help lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. They also increase your risk of having an absolutely delicious summer. Try to link it to that Strawberry Mint Smoothie>, interacting with them Strawberry Popsicles>, or use them to enhance Summer Salad>

2. Pineapple


Water in: 86%

Pineapple & # 39; s sweetness is very low calorie: One cup has 82 calories. But these provide 100 percent daily Vitamin C, as well as bromelain, an enzyme that can help balance your diet well. Enjoy new horses or pens, or a sweet, relaxing treat that is a time travel trip back to childhood, try this simple, two-parted Grapefruit diet>

3. Heights

nutritional recovery

Water in: 95%

Green Cuisine is one of the lowest calorie foods you can find – a combination of only 8 calories per cup. But low calorie does not mean they are low in taste: Cheese is the ultimate way to get your guests to roast. If it is mixed with this Zesty Cucumber and Dill salad>, beaten in this 5-part Greek miracle Vegetable Feeding>, or as a surprise for a cup of coffee, you will protect your guests – and yourself – in cold, full and satisfying water.

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4. Skim milk

nutritional recovery

Water in: 91%

When it's skim, it's all water. For those who like milk and do not eat milk, this can be a rally. But in the summer heat, it makes skim a great, waterproof way to enjoy 9 grams of protein per cup when you make a cool smoothie – like ice-cream. Shake lemon shakes>. It’s perfect for summer

5. Zucchini

nutritional recovery

Water in: 94%

If you are already a "zoodle" lover, this is more fun. But for those unfamiliar, here's a crash course: Using a spice mixer, you can transform it into a "meat" zucchini and heat it in vegetable dishes. Experience eating a pasta you like. Great news for the summer: Zoodles should not be cooked! Be in a situation like these Vegetables with Zucchini Noodles>, you can allow the sauce to heat up the raw soda to get the airflow from the bottom of the oven at least 39 – perfect for a quick dinner.

6. Oranges

nutritional recovery

Water in: 87%

There's a reason why these slices are on the side of every football game: The oil of the oils is the top choice for air food! But they also bring other nutrients – such as potassium, of the electronic items lost when you sweat. So grab your own slices, or go for a taste that grew this summer: This 101-calorie meal Smoothie Orange Carrot Orange> it is a sweet, vitamin-rich, and refreshing glass that is perfect for breakfast or snacks the next day.

7. Celery

nutritional recovery

Water in: 95%

Here is another homemade potassium diet: one cup of fried vegetables is similar to the healthy nutritious diet you can get in half of the bananas – but only 14 calories. But this little variety helps with your favorite summer salad, from pasta dishes to chicken salad. Here's a new favorite: Choose some celery to add to your other summer-rich melon-bites, sweet and protein-filled. Chicken Chicken / Salad> It is heard wonderful, wonderful taste!

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8. Tomatoes

nutritional recovery

Water in: 94%

Lycopene, a potent antioxidant in tomatoes, may help reduce the risk of stroke and some cancers, according to Science Daily. When your tomatoes are harvested, they are more, and have – meaning summer is the healthiest time to eat & # 39; em. One amazing way to change your tomato game: add chicken to tradition Caprese salad> a new taste that feels comfortable – adds to the refreshing decor this summer has.

9. Edamame

nutritional recovery

Water in: 72%

This one is amazing: Since it looks like donkey meat, edamame does not seem to be watery. But she enjoyed it, and much more: like 18.46 grams of saturated fat, muscle building protein per cup, and more potassium you will find in two whole bananas. That's great news in the summer, as eating more potassium can help reduce your risk of high blood pressure, as well as your risk of stroke, according to the National Staff Training Federation.

10. Carrots

nutritional recovery

Water in: 88%

For a little time to waste a bag of raw carrots in the pre-run sections, ready-to-eat food containers or bags will not only provide you with a low-calorie, high-fiber, water-rich source when you swell. Cutting out that carrot can also help you eat healthier overall: These were the results of one study, where more time was spent preparing food related to healthy eating habits – and, as a bonus, with money to save food. Then you will be comforted, you will feel full, and full of where you want – your wallet.

11. Blue green

nutritional recovery

Contains water: 84%

What does summer say like a sweet, ripe blue fruit (one of our hot water foods)? Not only are they great, but they are a great food source: Blue food reduces the risk of heart attacks by 33 percent, increases your memory, and can help you expand your arteries to keep blood flowing. Allow a new one, or enjoy your senses as easily as possible: As part of this simple, 5-course home Blueberry Lemon Ice cream Sundae>

* All percentages of water extracted from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).