Hospitals around the globe make prices available in the New Year

Hospitals around the globe make prices available in the New Year

After the new constitution returns in April, hospitals across the country are planning to advertise the internet over the internet.

The law is that CMS has attempted to provide patients with additional information on health prices and about their health history so that they can take care of themselves.

The leader applies to Medicare patients and Medicare patients, but officials expect it to influence the effectiveness of the health care system. Is set to take on January 1.

Prices online, however, can not compare the exact number of patients since their sale and the government has done different types of businesses.

"We're starting just on the cost," CMS Administrator Seema Verma said. "We know that the hospitals have this information and we ask them to send their online products."

Hospitals have already been required to disclose the price clearly but rapid changes will put this information online through the software that can easily be made available to the brain. The new law also ordered hospitals to renew their prices every year. Those who will not experience torture.

"Our government is very concerned about ensuring that if they are safely out of the hospital, they can get medical information," Verma said.