Homemade “Tiger Back Bear” is actually such a delicious dessert? !

Homemade “Tiger Back Bear” is actually such a delicious dessert? !

The development of many things is not as smooth as people think, no matter what you do, you should make the worst plans and improve your ability to withstand!

Prepare ingredients

3 cups of glutinous rice, appropriate amount of red dates


Steps for glutinous rice cakes

After glutinous rice is washed, the kitchen paper is used to absorb the moisture of the glutinous rice.

Use a cooking machine to make a coarse powder.

After washing the red dates, cook for a few minutes, remove and drain. My date is too dry, you can cook the soft jujube for 2 minutes.

Pour the glutinous rice flour into the pot and prepare a glass of water.

Pour the water into the glutinous rice flour to make it wet. Because it is coarse and coarse, it will not form a dough. Quiet for a while.

The red dates are cut and the jujube nucleus is removed.


Mousse Circle Inner Wall Anti-stick.

Wrap the casserole on the steamer and lay a layer of glutinous rice flour.

A layer of red dates is laid.

Then lay a layer of glutinous rice flour, a layer of red dates.

Pave another layer separately until it is full. The glutinous rice is sticky, and I didn’t press it when I laid the rice noodles.

The fire started after the steaming, and after 30 minutes, the fire was turned off and the pot was opened for 5 minutes. (10 minutes of fire + 20 minutes of fire)


Warm Tips

1, when using water and glutinous rice flour, do not have to be a group.

2. It is convenient to use steamed rice cakes in the mousse circle. It is not insulated at the end; but don’t forget to brush the oil on the inner wall.

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