Hockey receiving 50 needs one doctor

Hockey receiving 50 needs one doctor

Cleveland Heights 50+ Hockey League has special rules: Each team needs at least one doctor on a paper. "This is through the design," said Edwin West, a retired Navy captain who worked as a volunteer, told Crain and Cleveland Business.

There has never been any injury since the competition – which did not allow for the start of 2013.

"I will not use this competition, and I will use the same," said Dr. John Wood, who has played for 50 games since his start.

Jumma & Nightmare, with a start after 8:30 at the Cleveland Heights Community Center. The 21-year-old sports tournament runs from mid-October to early April.

Dr. Margaret Bigg is one of eight women in the competition. The Cleveland Clinic's clinic did not start hockey until she was 30 years old – and two, Joey and Teddy took the game.

She does not care about the players & # 39; Players often. "In most cases, you do not have enough to do on ice for people, unless it's urgent," Bigg said.

A player / doctor has two characteristics that match the match. Wood from Canada with a magician. But the 50-year-old is nothing to someone whose mother plays in 80 games in Ottawa. "They hold AED (external issuer) on the bench. If someone says, they should stop the game and make sure it's fine," Wood said about the league.

Wood, who worked for the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Health Center, said he could recommend "just for the Cleveland Heights players, but he was forced to use defibrillator when the player entered the hospital. heart during the game that has grown in Shaker Heights. "This is extremely exciting with it. It's fine, "said Wood, who was awarded a successful winner in the competition that day.