Here's where calories are important – Articles

Here's where calories are important – Articles

Let's say the 3500-calorie system is correct. The next step will be exactly what was consumed and what was burned for energy. We have already mentioned an estimate of fat, carbohydrates and nutrients, which are not exactly the same.

This has become more difficult when you are around the variety of foods we eat. Another ham's meat is smaller than it has been cut off from an orphan born. If it has a low fat, it will have more protein. For such a meat meat, it has less fat and extra protein, and less calories. How much is it? You can not be sure, unless you test meat. But you can not eat it, so you want to have an improper beef diet, so you do not know the calorie value of this meat either.

Let's stay here for a while. If you really will find more mosaic information and consume 3500 calories than you burn, you only need to eat 116.66 calories a day more than you in 30 months to get the newsletter. This calories are 38.88 ounces each day if you eat three meals a day. Even if you weigh and measure any diet you put in your mouth, you can never manage your calorie diet because all the 3500 calories and calories of macronutrients depend on people and animals. many. guess and round of numbers!

Remember, a calorie balanced balance assumes that you have to maintain a balance between the amount of calories you consume and the number you burn. If the correct amount of calories is true, and you consume 38.88 calories and most foods, you will receive 10 tons of fat per year. How can you find the correct calories 38.88 when everything above depends on multiple thoughts and numbers of numbers?

Count Calories Out

Adjusting calories in almost impossible is not possible, but what about calories? Efficient energy consumption (or Total Energy Expenditure) comes from a low cost of living, routine work, exercise and heat production.

Keeping the cost of life is the energy you need only to maintain optimum work, refining the meat and keeping you healthy during your vacation. Keeping the energy efficiency of the engine burning burns day by day and can be tested through an essential life scanner. When most people are larger or lower than they can, it can be a sign of less than a few seconds. The body also offers a higher amount of calories when it receives a number of calories and foods, while undergoing severe stress or when it comes back from injury like severe illness or severe exercise. It reduces the amount of energy when energy is restricted, such as diet-reduced calorie, or during stress.

You also have the TEF, which is the amount of food consumed in the diet consumed by the digestive. Our chemicals burn up some calories only to break our diet and rebuild them in a way that we can use to improve, improve our energy. TEF protein is 20 to 35 percent, meaning that up to 35 percent of the protein calorie amount will be consumed only to detect this protein. Compare this with TEF of carbohydrate in the range 5 to 15 percent and with the same owner or less carbohydrate. Increasing the amount of protein in the diet, while the amount of calorie is equal, means lower calories will be to provide energy or energy weight.

Working is another way to spend calories a day. Businesses are the lower part of the calorie cost for most people. Trainees are trained daily, but for most of us, our last move is about one hour, three to six times each week. The amount of calories absorbed in exercise is not important. What I do not drink is that the research shows, those who burn most of the calories during exercise and have a lot of hunger later in the day, or they feel most fun. The body knows that it should store energy later in the day, or take more, to complete the training. I also saw this from a person's ability to work with people.

Work, or training training, should be structured by improving movement conditions, improving the development, encouraging muscle extensions, or helping your body become more efficient in the use of fuel for fuel. Each time,

these four goals,

They promote the health of a person, how to use it, to work or to endure. If the goal is to supply maximum calories as much as possible, it can cause acne that increases cortisol, body stress. These exercise exercises and exercise for food or restrict the work of the other day. Increasing consumption or fatigue is a mental way to help maintain glucose. Drinking, when people are trained in a high-level position that allows them to use petroleum products for fuel rather than carbohydrates, their purpose is not important and they have a lack of enjoyment. back.

If you can adjust the calories to the side of the specifications (we have already said you can not), what can we do to calculate the actual energy we spend every day? It will be almost impossible.

Feeding While it is heavy

The body is designed to protect energy while enjoying an inaccurate power supply. This is an important factor in understanding because of mistakes. For most, the body can use two levels of fuel – plenty of carbohydrate. When they are burned, they are burned as toxic and glucose.

Most studies show how to use the rest of the virus with people eating dining, higher in carbohydrates, lower in fat and lower to medium protein. The hormonal diet of the diet and most commonly used carbohydrates differ from diet and lower carbohydrate levels.

Often called "Carbohydrate", but not because you enjoy comfort after consuming it (although many games want to accept it). The so-called rapid energy is that it is available as fuel soon after consuming it. When the sugars shed blood, the body is shifting from hot to sugar. If it has a fire, it can not burn fat. One reason to this will be a fructose, which is transmitted directly to the liver and most changes to glycerol, which will help to triglycerides.[i]

Even the body recognizes the lack of energy has a specific diet that consumes more than the amount of calories in the diet. As you can see below, a healthy person can find steps that he thinks is starvation, just because he can not afford thousands of calories and energy stored in fatty acne.

The oil-maired oil is a fatty and fatty oil

Let's think about this in the situation, the situation. We will use Julie's self-employed woman. Julie needs to lose 100 pounds of extra fat. She can reach this goal in a variety of ways. One will be the most popular today. She can continue to eat a lot of about 1200-1400 calories on recommendations for many women (men are told 1600-1800 times in this case).

She concentrates on enjoying more than the amount of calories she can eat each day, so she uses various types of nutrients, such as cereal foods such as grain, water, and # 39 ; small calories, restaurants, some; fruit trees, and other good foods. When he is a teenager with what his body needs, it will be stolen into a small or fatty substance such as a chicken chest, a yogurt or a soft cheese.

Because most foods in its diet come from carbohydrates, insulin levels are growing in or around the day. When insulin is prolonged, musical instruments can not release their stored material for energy. Instead, the body uses glucose that can be derived from blood or stored in the liver as a glycogen. When used by glucose levels, starvation and Julie would look for a small, smoker car to prevent it from eating.

In this article, although Julie's calorie levels are small, and should burn more calories than she has, she still can not afford more oil. Without access to storage for energy, the body responds to an increase in hunger and lowering the volume of life. If it does not have the power to use it, it will respond by electric power supply. Although its "rich" source of energy from the stored oil, it has been very useful since Julie has spent most of its diet eating the taste of a coconut dress that has been stored.

If you put the numbers in it, Julie may burn up to 2500 calories every day. If it consumes 1400 calories a day and leaves it in only 1100 calories. Within six months it should lose about 53 pounds. In fact, it will lose about 20 and then stuck. But if she does anything else with a nutrient, or does it repeat, the loss of weight will be reduced because her collection can be adjusted with the fact that she does not have enough material to burn.

With reduced energy consumption and regular hunger, it is not surprising why people who follow this standard system have a short run.

Reduce salt nutrition

The second way is to follow a dietary diet that does not focus on managing calories, but instead focuses on improving the power of the body to burn fat. The body can burn fat when the insulin levels are below. Eating fat does not have an effect on insulin, and protein has a lower effect. That is why we encourage people to put their food on non-rooted vegetables, healthy nutrients and therapies. Also, the reason for reducing salt consumption is lower for lower risk than low fat foods. In fact, they have been shown to be the most effective loss of loss even when small branches of the club are eating calories and consumers are allowed to eat as they want.

A middle-aged person has thousands of thousands of calories stored. When the body can afford them, the car will not be able to say, even if they consume a small amount of calories. When they eat a lot of calories, but they still do not consume as much carbohydrates as they can stimulate insulin, they will never lose weight, but they will be more difficult when they are heavyweight. Without insulin, the body does not have a signal to "save" calories. Instead, the body can respond to calorie protection by increasing the volume of the car, or by reducing calories to excess by heat.

To answer the question that started this section, the weight disappeared when the body could release the fat from the fat, and when it was required to burn it as fuel. If the fat gets caught in fatty milk because of the diet next, weight may lose, but it does not have to be very good. Instead, the muscle will be broken to produce glucose. On the other hand, by concentrating on non-reduced nutrients, nutrients and oils, and carbohydrate use on active, free-flow mechanisms leaves the cell and can be burned to produce energy requirements.

In this case, if someone chooses to reduce the amount of calorie foods while maintaining lower insulin levels through dietary supplements, serious loss can occur in the volume of increase. The question is, many people focus on decreasing calories instead of the quality of their diet. Simply reducing calories while eating a lot of carbohydrates is a recipe for reducing the amount of matter, loss of body life, hunger, and failure in this program.

Change your mode of diet selection

There is only a time for eating food. People live in the country, eat some plants, and animals in the area, and fruit, seeds and nuts while they are available. Today, most "foods" found in the store store products that are obtained by modifying starch, or carbohydrate, in ways that we do not see in most human history. Because these foods are the best food in the places we buy for our business, it takes a little thought before choosing something. If meat, fish, poultry, food, dairy, nuts and seeds are sold to all stores, it will be easier to make your choice.

This is not so, so you have to think for a while before you put something in the card. The easiest question is, "If I ate this, how would it affect my hair?" Not about eating some extra nutrients, it's about whether you are starting to get insulin or at least. to the liver. If you avoid developing the liver and the insulin pressure, there is a great chance of avoiding the strength of the equipment or achieving the goal of the loss you are looking for.

The final conclusion of this issue is that even though the food you choose will be the most important thing on you or the weight you are looking for, it's not just a matter. When we help people with the management program, good nutrition is a key part of the discussion, but we look at the motions, health, exercise, stress and sleep, and your thoughts. All of these play a role. This said, and we encourage people to deal with one thing at a time, and if you want to get "the greatest to beat you," stop the amount of calorie and start focusing on good eating habits.

– Written by Life Time Weight Loss Team

This article is not intended for medicine or antibiotics, and not as a substitute for treatment, and not as an alternative medical advice. Using the suggestions in this and the other documents is to choose the risk of a reader.

[i] Zoë Harcombe. Glance: Why? How can we stop it? Columbus Digital Services Ltd. 2010