Her colleagues in Torchiana retired in April

Her colleagues in Torchiana retired in April

Dr. David Torchiana, chairman and chairman of the Boston Health Partners, will retire at the end of April, the health care agency announced on Tuesday.

Torchiana, who has been the head of the board of health since March 2015, was former President of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization. He told the agency on Monday that he was planning to withdraw, said Scott Sperling, the club's head coach. This is a Torchian affair watching for some time.

"I'm glad I worked in MGH and Partners for my whole career, and I was given the opportunity to lead us at the end of our career," Torchiana said in a statement. "I hope to retire and have full confidence in the future of our organization, which is full of insight and dedication to focus on our vital work to improve our health and care for patients who depend on us."

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