Heavy snow – warm kidney and cold, Yangyang anti-cancer diet is the key

Heavy snow – warm kidney and cold, Yangyang anti-cancer diet is the key

December 7 is a heavy snow festival, “small snow seals the ground, snow seals the river”, the north has a natural landscape of “thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow drifting”, and the south also has a charming picture of “snow fluttering, sky silver”. Compared with “Xiaoxue”, “Big Snow” is a more severe solar terms, there are poems:

Tianhan Xuejing Year-old show, the frozen mountains and rivers are old and new.

The thief is cold in the winter and shakes the moon shadow.

The Jiangnan fog locks the Yangtze River green, and the wind outside the plug blows through the silver.

Alone worrying about the old man, the passionate Meirui is always refreshing.

(See the poems: Li Junde’s poetry and art appreciation)

Great snow - warm kidney and cold, Yangyang anti-cancer diet is the key

The snowy solar health is very beneficial to health. Heavy snow is a good season for “tonic”, the common language: “winter tonic, open spring to fight tigers.” Winter tonic can improve the body’s immune function, promote metabolism, and improve the chills. Winter tonic can also regulate the metabolism of substances in the body, so that the energy of nutrient conversion can be stored in the body to the maximum extent, which helps the rise of yang in the body, just as the ancient language: “three nine supplements one winter, no pain in the coming year”. At this time, it is advisable to subsidize yang, replenish kidney and strengthen bones, nourish Yin and concentrate. The snow festival of the Snow Festival is of great significance for cancer patients to strengthen and fight cancer.

1. Tonic and anti-cancer, use citrus

Cancer patients should pay attention to winter nutrition in heavy snow Supplementation should be supplemented according to your own physical needs and condition, and it is necessary to dialectically apply and dialectically apply drugs. The taboo should be taboo, and it should not be messed up. In particular, the medicine supplement must follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid bad effects on the body. Winter food supplements should be rich in protein, vitamins and foods that are easy to digest. Before and after the heavy snow festival, a large number of citrus fruits are listed, such as: Nanfeng tangerine, navel orange, snow orange, etc., proper eating can prevent rhinitis, eliminate cough and relieve cough. When the snow is heavy, the northern hemisphere is short and long, and the farmer: “Snow and light snow, cooking is not good”, used to describe the white scorpion short to the extent that the peasant women are almost connected to make three meals. You can often drink ginger jujube soup to resist cold; eat oranges, use peppermint oil to prevent rhinitis, eliminate cough and relieve cough.

Warm spleen and warm kidney drink—

Great snow - warm kidney and cold, Yangyang anti-cancer diet is the key

[Materials] 3 grams of black tea, 2 grams of cassia twig, 1 gram of dried tangerine peel, the amount of ginger, Jujube nectar is appropriate.

[Practice] Put black tea, cassia twig, dried tangerine peel and ginger into a thermos cup, immerse in boiling water for a while, then add honey, mix thoroughly and drink, and fill with boiling water while drinking.

【Effect】 1-2 times a day, with the effect of warm spleen and stomach.

2. Cold and cold, righting and anti-cancer

After the heavy snow, the weather is getting colder and more varied. From time to time, from cold to warm, and sometimes from warm to cold, there is often a phenomenon that the temperature difference between nights is more than ten degrees Celsius. This abnormal meteorological change often leads to imbalance of immune function in the body, creating opportunities for the occurrence of influenza, and the flu is more threatening to cancer patients. Once suffering from the flu, the body’s immune function is further reduced, the constitution is declining, and the righteousness cannot control the cancer, and the cancer cells will be overwhelmed, which can easily cause the disease to worsen. At the same time, due to the invasion of the body by cold evil, the state of qi stagnation and blood stasis can be caused by the stagnation of blood and blood, and the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can be induced. For cancer patients, the internal environment is worsened and cancer is promoted. development of. At this time, you should immediately take Chinese medicine that helps to calm down the cold, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, such as: the body of the capsule, etc., to enhance the body’s resistance, control the flu, and not allow cancer cells to have opportunities.

3. Identifying and supplementing, five elements of anti-cancer

The traditional theory of traditional Chinese medicine divides human physique into five elements. Wood, fire, earth, gold, water. People of all physiques have different tolerances to the seasons, so you should find out which physique you belong to before you nurse. Absolutely typical five elements are relatively few. According to the principle of “wood fire, fire soil, earth gold, gold water, aquatic wood”, most people may have two adjacent five elements. How do the five-shaped people protect against cancer in the heavy snow season? “Wood-shaped person”: There are three “long” features, the face is long, the body is long and the fingers are long. Eat more Ganoderma lucidum, Beibei spleen and Qi; “fire-shaped person”: There are three-point features, the top of the head, the tip of the nose, the tip of the lower jaw. Eat more cockroaches, beef nourishing Yin and liver and kidney; soil-shaped people: there are three short features, short body (size is not really short, just fat makes the body look short), short neck, short fingers. Eat more jujube, glutinous rice and lungs and stomach; “Golden people”: There are three thin features, thin lips, thin eyelids, thin back. Eat pine nuts, ginkgo, honey and kidney to nourish the liver; “water-shaped people”: there are three thick features, thick eyelids (multi-layer), thick under the jaw, thick back. Eat more pig liver, pig kidney tonic liver and kidney. Five types of people with the corresponding medicated diet can achieve the best health effects in the heavy snow festival.

4. Heavy snow is anti-cancer, the focus is on “hidden”

During the snowy season, all things are hidden, and the health should follow the laws of nature. Work hard. It is advisable to have a good night’s sleep, and to converge. At present, the temperature difference between the morning and the evening is very different. The elderly should be cautious in their daily lives and exercise properly to enhance their ability to adapt to climate change. In addition, the clothes should be increased with the decrease of temperature, so it is better to keep warm and close to the body, so that the skin does not sweat out and protect the yang from invading. The temperature at night will be lower, and more clothes will be added when the night is lying, so that the limbs are warm and the blood is smooth, so that many diseases can be avoided. The heavy snow festival is easy to make people’s mind and body in a low state. The best way to change your mood is to have activities such as jogging, dancing, skating, playing, etc., all of which are good medicines to eliminate winter boredom and maintain your spirit. Keeping warm and regulating emotions is very important for the recovery of cancer patients.

Big snow anti-cancer good fish soup – radish silk squid soup

Great snow - warm kidney and cold, Yangyang anti-cancer diet is the key

[Practice] to remove live squid, dig, cut from the abdomen Remove the internal organs, wash; the radish is washed with water, cut off the outer skin, cut into 6 cm long thick wire; onion washed into a green onion, ginger shot to be used; wok stir fry into lard When it is 50% hot, put ginger, put the fish to fry until the two sides are slightly yellow, add 750 grams of boiling water, cooking wine, radish and boil it into the pot with boiling water, add the onion knot and cook for about 7 minutes, wait until the soup The juice is burnt to milky white and seasoned.

【Effect】Squid contains comprehensive and high-quality protein. Radish contains a variety of trace elements that can induce the body to produce interferon. It can enhance the body’s immunity and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Anti-cancer is of great significance.