Heavy Memory (Managing Your Body)

Heavy Memory (Managing Your Body)

Last Thursday, my husband decided that it would not be possible to make us happy after he got what we were sure to be stroke.

She is sixteen and a half years old and lives with people who love them and eat them.

One of the skills I teach our friends is how to make decisions that are consistent with goals and attitudes in the face of difficult problems.

It's the way I go to talk.

The day we waited, I went out for a walk (like I did each day). When I returned, the husband said he was surprised to go. So I split the tool called the Backpack Tag with it.

We can imagine our small emotions like big handbags. Now this back bag can weigh you down with disappointments and disappointments, but you can still go on your day and do things that move you closer to becoming your favorite.

You can take actions that are connected with your own.

You can walk for a walk. You can improve relationships. You can help your friends. You can eat nutritious foods. You can shame and love and laugh.

While taking responsibility.

Or – you can take a backpack and use your time as much as you would like to borrow. What's the weight? How not to worry. How do you want you to put it on or go?

You can free yourself from weight and wine or cake or pizza or Netflix.

You can be angry – or scared.

You can avoid and resist – or you can accept.

If we work in an inappropriate way, we will add more contradictory names to organizations (anger, worry, sadness, guilt).

Doing things that make us happy + pride makes it easier to load our burdens (and in our hearts).

After sharing this with my husband, he said immediately, I think I will play hockey today.

XO ~ Robyn

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