Heart attacks include oil, vitamins D, cholesterol news

Heart attacks include oil, vitamins D, cholesterol news

Oil, vitamin D, new medicines, new ways of leading cholesterol: News from the United States Congress of the Weekends shows much about what works and what does not prevent heart disorders and problems.

Foodstuffs do not miss the mark, but the fish force paper shows a promise. Pharmaceutical drugs not only help people with diabetes care for blood vessels but also lose weight, but also risk the risk of having a clinic for heart failure.

Good news for everyone: You do not have to fast before blood tests to search for cholesterol. Do not stand at the money market on the way you go to the hospital, but eating before testing is best for most enthusiasts, the terms say.

They were from the Center for Intelligence and the University of American Academy and the Center for Scientific Research in the United States and were approved by some medical teams. No authors have a relationship with drug users.

Here are some extralights from the conference, which include Monday:


Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death in the world. High cholesterol leads to prostitution that can lead to heart attack or stroke. When examined over the last five years, they stopped using cholesterol numbers to determine who needed treatment and age-dependent age, high blood pressure and other factors to determine the value.

This is a confusing, so new ways will combine two ways, establish a systematic pattern based on human nature, such as the other medical or family history of the first heart disease.

"It will not be as easy as the cholesterol numbers," because this does not provide details on the risk, says one of its leading members, Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones of the University of Northwest.

When treatment is required, the first choice is statin such as Lipitor or Crestor, which is sold as a diet per day. For people with risk, such as those who already have heart attack, the terms suggest Zaria, which are also sold as soon as possible, if statin does not reduce the number of cholesterol.

Only if these two medications are not helpful should they be powerful but the most commonly known PCSK9 drug users are doing the same. Many insurers limit them – Repatha, the sale of Amgen, the Praluent, the sale of Sanofi and Regeneron – and the guidelines say they have no impact but the most vulnerable advocates.

Finally, if you do not know if anybody needs treatment, you will have to test the test of the clubfoot vaccine, which seeks to strengthen the arteries, to help make the decision. These are X-ray and radiation like mammogram and cost $ 100 to $ 300, most insurers do not close. Lloyd-Jones and others have stopped using it.

"Half of the people will continue to use biological material, and they can avoid the statistical reliability," four percent will continue and require treatment, and others will need to consult with the doctors, he said.

Dr. Steven Nissen, Cleveland Clinic, who has no direct role in the leadership, called them a bigger but did not accept "the use of radiation testing to determine whether to provide a cure pay $ 3 a month, "refers to static prices. Another loan test to search the memory will be better, he said.


The second lesson gives the mixture a mixture of oil, or omega-3. There are different types, including EPA and DHA.

In the study of 26,000 healthy people, 1 gram on the EPA / DHA combination day, some of the foods found in most dietary foods have not been able to reduce the risk of heart attack or cancer. .

But a 4-year study of 4 grams tests on Vascepa's Amarin Corp., focused on EPA, found it to disrupt heart problems among people with the greatest risk for triglycerides, such as fat in the blood, and for some reason. All have already taken the statin, and there are concerns about the results because Vascepa is compared with oil, which can interfere with statins, and can make the band worse. However, some doctors say that the value of Vascepa's value is enough to worry about it.

An experimental test for small gas in most people tested Vitamin D, one of the best products, and found that it did not reduce the risk of cancer or heart problems.

"I think we need to believe that this is a good test" and that vitamin is useless, says Dr. Jane Armitage of University of Oxford and Oxford. "We do not see any advantage."

"Do not waste all of your money," which is unfair and is responsible for the difference, says Dr. Deepak Bhatt of Brigham and Boston Women's Hospital.


People suffering from diabetes die because of heart disease or heart attack, and new diabetes drugs are needed in major diagnoses to show that they are not cooled. One of the medications, Jardiance, surprised the doctors in recent years by reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. The second drug, Invokana, later showed such benefits but with some scary problems.

A new third-generation study, Farxiga, in more than 17,000 diabetes patients with heart attack and diagnosed health medications for heart failure or death-causing the heart – 5% of those on drug to 6% in a placebo group after four years of use. This is in the highest possible use of drugs to use diabetes.

Some of the symptoms of acne in the blood are more common than Farxiga but these are rare and chemical antigens. About $ 15 per day, about such a treatment. Farxiga, a facilitator, AstraZeneca, sponsors many research and researchers, advises the company.

A specialist, Dr. Eric Peterson, Duke's psychologist and one of the leaders of the conference, said doctors have longed to know if the previous studies show that these drugs can help the hearts of the heart. Results from the latest findings, higher yet, "can make the most commonly used drugs" for diabetes with severe heart disease or heart disorder, he says.