“Healthy poverty alleviation” health comes

“Healthy poverty alleviation” health comes

“Healthy Poverty Alleviation” Health Comes

Time: August 31, 2018 Source: Original Site

(Several treasures) “Healthy poverty alleviation” health comes

Emotional feelings full,

Hand sing on the bamboo board.

Health and poverty alleviation,

Good life is more exciting.

The new era is really good,

The medical assistance has scores.

We like to praise the Huimin policy,

Let the people, happiness and health often accompany.

How many people have established a stable card,

Enjoy, family signing to serve.

Look at that, health alleviation understands the card,

That is true, one person is not adulterated.

Three guarantees for the three-tier line,

three batches to prepare for the battle.

There are treatments for major illnesses,

Signing for chronic diseases is valued.

In addition to the serious illness,

Basic medical insurance is the bottom line.

The big illness insurance is more secure,

medical assistance is always available.

Small illnesses are seen in the countryside,

The disease will not go out of the county again.

First treatment, post-paid,

The hospital is no longer expensive.

Hospitalization fees, when you are discharged from hospital, ,

That is true, one station settlement is very thoughtful.

There are nine diseases that are not serious,

No longer, the body is terminally ill.

The medical expenses, the reimbursement rate is particularly large,

must be allowed, poor families can not afford.

Looking now, health alleviates the people,

No longer afraid, the poor people are riddled with illness.

From now on, I am sick and don’t pay for it.

More, doctors at all levels come to support.

Helping hospitals,

It is more convenient to conduct remote consultations.

Classify medical treatment up and down,

Add a protective umbrella to see a doctor.

Healthy poverty alleviation into the family,

The policy of Huimin is boastful.

The medical three-level system is complete,

The clinic is difficult to solve.

Don’t be afraid of headaches,

Family doctors come to protect.

Monthly follow-up, annual physical examination,

Health file is administered.

Measure blood pressure, measure blood sugar,

You can always be there.

White Angels are busy with clinics,

Send a love health box.

Health knowledge is delivered to the home,

Education prevention is both hands-on.

New era, new ideas,

Do not forget to thank the party.

New era, new journey,

The foot of poverty alleviation.

I hope the world is innocent,

often put the people in the heart.

Health and Poverty Alleviation,

Working together to innovate!

(Author: Shenze Health Bureau of Di Haijing)