Healthy Memory: Candy Delicious Foods

Healthy Memory: Candy Delicious Foods

If you are trying to lose weight, Halloween can be frightening: There is a candy everywhere! And even if you have a wire to fill up and stay in your diet plan, the slowest will get you right now – if you have a sweet tooth, these physical illnesses will depend on candy candy and you keep clean sanitary hygiene.

Do not reject yourself. Nutrisystem dietitians say the best way to control it is to control the animal's head, if you want candy, you must have some way to read confidential, and control to help you looga ashamed shame.

While you sign a plastic dish, try one of the few easy and easy snacks for healthy Halloween:

1. Four-quarters of the greenery vegetables


Calories: 71

Calculate the following: Expand two

To start your own Halloween healthcare, we have something quite common. Most natural rice is served in marshmallows of sugar and calcium. What if you can afford calories, low sugar, and much more? It's not magic: it's lonely! The best-treating medicines are like the original, but add the sweet peanut butter to sweet sweet honey to settle.

2. Cake Batter Crispies


Calories: 68

Calculate the following: Expand two

Are not fruit juices? These medicines repeat the fatty flavor without the extra dose, including the cake of cake waste-not as hazardous to eating food. Salmon Almond, coconut oil and brown rice salad dressing like every dose you have ever had, and each 68 calories, they are ineffective.

3. Green Bleeding

chocolate chip

Calories: 33

Calculate the following: One more

Dark Chocolate has the advantages of heart and blood health issues (, but during the caramel- dense, lean meat, dark things may look like … chocolate. Avoid the grade and add a lot of taste and excitement to two different things: Green animals and salt. It takes a few minutes to do, and it will take a treatment and a bitter shouting to be surprised, fresh, and beautiful.

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4. Birds Birds


Calories: 87

Calculate the following: One SmartCarb

You can ask, "Quinoa?" Water Well: Why? It has already been used to add as swollen rice to add to your sweets. Quinoa takes the same idea and adds to protein: South American rubbish is higher than protein than any grain, which means that the bars will not satisfy your sweet teas, will help you get the full range of this Walking – filling your muscles in your pelvic floor.

5. Ribbon Ribbon

in the bucket

Calories: 52

Calculate the following: One more

If you use the crooked sloping fence, you see yourself frustrating with the pumpkin, bread, biscuits and cakes, and this is for you. In addition to the pumpkin pumpkin and the taste of rice cake, these computers fall into the usual standard calories, they include nutrients and vegetables from the pumpkin, and, of course, the flavor of butterflies.

6. Food Routine Rice


Calories: 61

Calculate the following: Expand two

Body and chocolate are a combination of mixed mixtures, and those with six slices, you will get all the taste without sinning. Each swelling is placed in chocolate fractions between ribs or ribs with a dessert and share delicious marshmallows. But there is no blemish in this treatment: each pill is 61 calories, 30 less than the doctor, krispie without rice.

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7. Chocolate bird birds

healthy hallucinations

Calories: 174

Calculate the following: One PowerFuel and one SmartCarb

Enjoy healthy Halloween with a "boring" refrigerator combined with rich chocolate and butterflies to make a sweet and sweet taste. If you are lover butter lows, this book is very large and can be treated with a vending machine. Take the chocolate candles in a bird's nest and enjoy a healthy cool that will fill your sweet and sweet dessert.