Healthy Living: A Healthy Recipe for the Week

Healthy Living: A Healthy Recipe for the Week

In the pursuit of material and spiritual life, people pay more and more attention to their own health problems. People exercise their health and body through sports, diet, etc., especially diet. People are not paying attention to eating. But how to eat better and eat healthier; many people start to spend time and energy in this area, and correspondingly produce some dietitians and other occupations to help people eat healthy; below Han Xue teacher tells everyone a week What is a healthy recipe?

Weekly Healthy Recipes



Breakfast: Taro and Strawberry Sauce, Milk (or Soy Milk) ), boiled egg, 1 sauce, cucumber.

Fruit: 1 tomato or white radish.

Chinese food: buckwheat rice, mushroom heart, sweet and sour fish, tofu blood, loofah soup.

Dinner: mung bean porridge, cabbage pork buns, shrimp skin melon.

Healthy Life: A Healthy Recipe for a Week


Breakfast: Cornmeal, milk (or soy milk), 1 spiced tea, and bean curd (1/4).

Fruits: (or long fruit) 3 to 4.

Chinese food: peanut rice, minced meat eggplant, green onion mashed potatoes, duck seaweed soup.

Dinner: dried beans, porridge, bean paste, green pepper shredded pork.


Breakfast: fresh meat, milk (or soy milk), salted duck eggs (half), fried three-striped (lettuce, white radish, carrot).

Fruit: One pear or one watermelon.

Chinese food: red jujube rice, yellow bean roast beef, dried green beans, enoki mushroom seaweed egg soup.

Dinner: Sanxian noodles (pig liver, ham, black fungus, oyster mushroom), stir-fried spinach, green pepper and potato.


Breakfast: Applesauce rolls, milk (or soy milk), 1 poached egg, fried soy beans.

Fruit: 1 banana (or cucumber).

Chinese food: rice (sorghum rice, white rice), mushroom yellow flower black fungus meat slices, braised flat fish, white radish kelp pork ribs soup.

Dinner: soy milk or porridge, chopped green onion pancakes, green pepper celery shredded pork.

Healthy Life: A Healthy Recipe for a Week


Breakfast: Poached meat, milk (or soy milk), fried three-sweet (lettuce, white radish, carrot), and quail eggs.

Fruits: 1 or 2 kiwis (or peaches).

Chinese food: red bean rice, konjac roast duck, red pepper fried cauliflower, fish head mushroom winter bamboo shoots soup.

Dinner: celery pork buns, tomato scrambled eggs, minced tofu brain.


Breakfast: Bread, milk (or soy milk), 1 fried egg, dried tofu and tofu.

Fruits: 5 to 6 strawberries (or plums).

Chinese food: two rice (rice, millet), spiced fish, multicolored silver silk, axil bean sprouts, carrots, lettuce, chicken

leg mushroom fungus pig liver soup.

Dinner: polenta, egg cake, fish-flavored pork.


Breakfast: sesame sauce rolls, milk (or soy milk), boiled eggs, cardamom anchovies.

Fruit: 1 apple.

Chinese food: gold and silver rice (corn glutinous rice, rice), black fungus spring bamboo shoots, chicken, sweet and sour cabbage, mung bean pumpkin soup.

Dinner: Chives pork dumplings, garlic oil, and minced pork with minced meat.

Healthy Life: A Healthy Recipe for a Week