Health oxygen

One mouth, the one that was cast aside was the suffocating carbon dioxide, and the warmth was carried out with a constant temperature of 37.5 degrees.

Where does this constant temperature come from?

Many people say that the normal temperature of a person is not 37.5 degrees?

Walk in the sky, China, the sky will be the original blue face to live with tears and crying day and night dressed up as a gray face. Looking up at the sky: the life of this gray life is still no day to see hope.

The original clear body of the river is hard against the waste water of the shoulders and the sea. Looking down at the ground: the weak waist of the wind is still losing the happy place to swim. When we live between the heavens and the earth, when we take out the normal temperature of the person is not 37.5 degrees, don’t you think that there is always something wrong? Maybe this situation lasted for too long, and finally finally There is a kind of power that can’t stand anymore.

In China, in Shandong, in Qufu, this power took the lead to wake up. Under the broad sky, a high-pitched voice is ringing “

to eat, always a topic that can’t be smashed. But it’s not because of the delicious taste of eating, the sweetness of the aftertaste, people The dreams are more and more important. More importantly, eating some foods will allow us to have a healthier body and a more perfect body. We will also have more opportunities for the wallet under the face of the economic stagnation of economic stagnation!

Protect the environment, let us be filled with oxygen! Eat healthy! Eat beautiful! Let us all have “acre forest”!