“Health” nine lazy health

“Health” nine lazy health

Sometimes, you think you are living with your heart

But some habits are just getting sick!

For example – lazy

Lazy cancer has successfully ranked among the top ten troubled diseases in the world, becoming A nationwide disease that spreads widely, is extremely deteriorating, and has a very long treatment cycle…

The WHO announced in 2013 that the lazy campaign has become the fourth risk of death in the world. It is estimated that the number of people dying every year in the world is as high as 3.2 million and growing year by year.

The British “Daily Mail” reported that a survey of nearly 10,000 people in the United Kingdom showed that 86% of people had health problems that were 4 years older than the actual age, and the lack of exercise and obesity caused by laziness was the culprit. The culprit.


Too lazy to go to the bathroom

Working busy, busy playing cards, outside Can not find the bathroom … used to urinating, not only will damage the bladder, increase the frequency of urinary frequency, urinary incontinence; reduce bladder mucosal resistance, prone to urinary tract infection, and even harm the kidney, stimulate the prostate, induce inflammation, hematuria, etc..

A study in the United States has shown that people with habits of urine have a higher chance of developing bladder cancer.

In particular, elderly people with coronary heart disease and stroke should not urinate for too long, which is prone to dizziness, which is syncope and falls during urination. , it is easy to develop bone Folding, cardiovascular accidents, and even life-threatening.


Too lazy to have breakfast

Some office workers and students often do not eat breakfast in order to sleep more. After a long time, the body will “resist”.

First of all, do not eat breakfast, easy to malnutrition, often tired. Second, the endocrine system will be dysfunctional, increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as constipation, gastritis, and gallstones.

More dangerous is that not eating breakfast will cause blood pressure Increased, insulin resistance, abnormal cardiac function and other abnormalities increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Too lazy exercise

Being too lazy to exercise is not conducive to longevity. Lack of exercise can lead to a reduction in immune cells in the body and greatly increase the risk of cancer.

Studies have shown that regular, sustained physical activity can prevent cancer in certain areas. /p>

Walking is the best sport in the world, it can relieve stress, Strong muscles, weight loss, etc. It is best to look up, chest, and stride every day for more than 30 minutes.


Too lazy to brain

The nervous system maintains a certain degree of tension in favor of health, because the human brain and other organs follow the principle of “use and retreat.” According to a survey in Japan It shows that people with more brains are 50% more intelligent than lazy people.

Use more brains, reading, memorizing, and practicing calligraphy, all of which can help the brain get exercise.


Too lazy to brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is a necessary way to keep your mouth healthy, but some people may not brush their teeth before going to bed.

The bactericidal ability of the mouth is reduced when sleeping. Bacteria may also sneak into the air, increasing the risk of oral ulcers, caries, periodontal disease, and even some oral bacterial toxins can enter the bloodstream through the wound, causing various diseases.


Too lazy to drink water

70% of the body is made up of water. When you feel thirsty, your body is already out of water. You are too lazy to drink water, not only thirsty, but also It can cause problems such as constipation, stones, etc.

“Chinese Dietary Guidelines The recommended amount of drinking water is at least 1200 ml per day. It is best to drink warm boiled water, a small amount of multiple times, and a small mouthful of slow drink, which is most beneficial. The body absorbs water and replenishes water in time.


Too lazy to cook

Many young people are too lazy to cook because of their work. Often order fast food takeaway, or just eat some roadside snacks barbecue, mala Tang, etc.

However, fast food often heavy oil, heavy salt, heavy sugar, long-term eating, high calorie and lack of cellulose, eating too much Single, not only will cause irritation to the stomach, but also may cause obesity and bury hidden dangers of three high-grade chronic diseases.

Start cooking at home, eat more foods containing cellulose, such as green vegetables, celery, miscellaneous grains, etc., refuse to fry, marinate and other foods.


Toolish to change underwear

National Cancer Institute research shows that 80% of women around the world wear the wrong bra . Although there is no definite evidence of breast-related breast cancer in China, experts believe that wearing a wrong bra will indeed attract breast hyperplasia, mastitis and other diseases, increasing the risk of cancer.

It is recommended that female friends do not wear a bra to sleep, buy a cotton bra, Do not wear bras with steel or fibrous textures after the age of 50.


Too lazy checkup

Many cancer patients are It comes to the doctor when symptoms appear, but it is often in the middle and late stages of cancer, so you will miss the best treatment period.

If you find and treat early, you can reduce about one-third of cancers. The more the cancer is discovered, the more effective the treatment is.

Health The population has regular physical examinations every year. People with family history of cancer and people with risk factors also need to conduct targeted tumor screening every year.

( Source: Health China)