Health motto, health health slang

1. Don’t ask for more celery, lower your blood pressure and shout.

2, smile and smile for ten years.

3, three laughs a day, life is difficult.

4, smiles often open, youth is always there.

5, crying and crying, solving thousands of miles.

6, thousands of health care, health care, mental balance is the key.

7, angered the liver, like sad, sad and worried.

8, to live well, not to be small; good anger, countless life.

9, wide-minded can support the ship, health and longevity for more than 100 years.

10, to be healthy and happy, learn to find yourself.

11, tears flow, the disease is naturally more.

12, the husband has tears to play, the hero bleeds and tears.

13, first sleep, then sleep.

14, medicine supplements, not as good as heart.

15, raising a family, singing and raising the heart.

16, eat well early, eat at noon, eat late at night.

17, overeating will be sick, regular quantitative can be peaceful.

18, eating panic, swallowing, hurting the stomach and hurting the intestines.

19. If you want to be strong, the food is chewed into pulp.

20. If you want to be sick, you will often be hungry for three points.

21, rather than storing in the pot, do not let the stomach full.

22. Leave one for each meal and live to ninety-nine.

23. Sitting and sitting, sleeping and sleeping, sleeping like a curved moon.

24, rather no meat, no beans.

25, eat rice with a little bit, nutrition and health.

26, three days do not eat green, two eyes take Venus.

27, drink salt soup such as ginseng soup, drink salt soup such as arsenic in the evening.

28, a bowl of mung bean soup in summer, detoxification to the summer race fairy.

29. Eat three slices of ginger in the morning, such as drinking ginseng soup.

30, the woman continued to smash for three days, and the man continued to ginger for three days.

31, the radish came out of the land, there is no business in Langzhong.

32, people say bitter and bitter, my words bitter sweet.

33, ate the October eggplant, starved to death Langzhong.

34, carrots, small ginseng; often eat, long spirit.

35, tomatoes, good nutrition, beautiful young and less disease.

36, eat more celery without asking, lower blood pressure and shouted.

37, green onion dipping sauce, the more you eat more fat.

38, garlic is a treasure, often eat good health.

39, two apples a day, the problem bypassed.

40, three dates a day, longevity.

41, walnut mountain treasure, kidney and brain.

42, iron does not smelt into steel, people do not exercise unhealthy.

43, exercise should be small, don’t wait for the old time.

44, please invite people to eat, it is better to ask people to sweat.

45, rather than meat, can not eat rice without soup.

46. Drinking soup before meals is better than prescription.

47. Eat more soup and avoid the prescription.

48, ​​the sun is not shining, the doctor will come to the door.

49, the knife is easy to rust, people are easy to get sick.

50, lazy and urging old people, hard work can extend the year.

51, the best doctor is himself, the best exercise is walking.

52. After a meal, walk a hundred steps and live to ninety-nine.

53, Li Rusong, the line is like the wind.

54, to get the legs are not old, often kicking the scorpion.

55, to get legs not to waste, walk back.

56, sweating is not windy, running mo concave chest.

57, sweat did not dry, cold water is not sticky.

58, to get good health, often take a bath.

59, to brain, jump the rope.

60, ingenuity, moving fingers.

61, practice more and more, do not practice to stay.

62, often dance to jump, dementia will not arrive.

63, to get good health, often sing songs.

64, often playing Tai Chi, Yishou and Yannian.

65, health is moving, and moving is damaged.

66, eating ginseng is worse than sleeping five.

67. Sleeping at noon is like a treasure.

68, winter sleep is not hooded, summer sleep is not exposed.

69, sleep more easily, sleep less and hurt.

70, eat well, sleep well.

71, eat well, sleep well, and live forever.

72, drink more cold and white, healthy and natural.

73, white water tea and drink, can live more than one hundred.

74, drink an empty stomach, and climb the disease.

75, drinking tea does not wash the cup, the king rushed to remind.

76, often insomnia, live for ten years.

77, do not sleep for one night, do not wake up for ten nights.

78. Sitting and sitting, sleeping and sleeping, sleeping like a curved moon.

79, hot feet, such as tonic.

80, cold from the feet, the disease from the mouth.

81, eat no words, sleep without saying.

82, spring and autumn, no sickness.

83, nails are often cut, the disease is not stained.

84, cold water wash, beauty care.

85, brush your teeth with warm water, your teeth smile.

86, wash your hands before and after meals.

87, drink as little as possible, and the disease detours.

88, quit smoking and limit alcohol, healthy and long-lasting.

89, a cigarette after a meal, the harm is boundless.

90, eat more salty salt, live for ten years.

91, the wife and husband are sick, and the good wife wins the good medicine.

92, iron does not smelt into steel, people do not exercise unhealthy.

93, the best doctor is himself, the best exercise is walking.

94, tomatoes, good nutrition, beautiful young and few diseases.

95, small cucumber is a treasure, weight loss beauty is indispensable.

96, sweet words, sweets and bad teeth.

97, take medicine, do not eat mouth, run off the doctor’s leg.

98, want to live forever, the intestines are always clear.

99, junk food is more harmful, far away to be healthy.

100, eat radish in the summer to eat ginger, do not let the doctor prescribe.