Health information is flying all over the sky, a feature tells you whether it is true or not!

There are more and more people paying attention to health now. The various health information in the society is complicated and complicated. How to identify the reliability of information, in fact, its language expression characteristics can be more clearly Reflects its reliability.

A kind of information is commonly used in the language of “affirmative”, “absolute”, “100%”, or some institutions claim in the information about the treatment of diseases that “can cure even formal The diseases that the top three hospitals can’t cure, “the cure for all diseases”, “can cure chronic diseases”, etc., are all unreliable! It is easy to believe that it is possible to lead wrongful behavior or delay the treatment of the disease, which is harmful to our health.

Correct health information can help us establish the right health concept, guide our health behavior, and provide us with the right ways and channels to access health services. We should learn health knowledge, master disease prevention methods, maintain good living habits, and maintain the health of ourselves and our families. If a disease occurs, you should go to a regular medical institution for treatment in time, follow the doctor’s advice on the specific circumstances of each individual, and do not believe in the remedies told by relatives and friends of non-medical professions.

The study of health information is a long-term process that requires constant accumulation and understanding. It is important to carefully study and apply the correct health information to maintain the health of ourselves and our families. The role is also a manifestation of a person’s high level of health literacy.