Health care should be examined to deal with critics

Health care should be examined to deal with critics

Now there is a clear understanding that social factors can have a greater impact on health and welfare than on medical care.

This understanding with the payment system for providers to protect healthy people has led some health care solutions to address these social investments directly in homes for homeless patients, open meals or even # 39 • to address the problem of food, to provide health care services to assist patients in exporting and improving their health in their communities.

These efforts are laudable and should be expanded if possible. In addition, the health care system needs to look inside and work on such efforts to improve the health of a contractor and contractors, especially those who are faced with challenges such as these healthy. Centers will benefit.

Despite the limits of the health care plan, we know that it is affordable, the quality of health is important. More than 13 million farmers or 1 out of 8 work are currently working in the health sector, yet half of them are not paying attention to health care. Nearly 6 million in hospitals, and about 10 percent of those who do not receive medical treatment. Health care systems must be the lowest and most commonly treated patients.

Having a living is important to your body's health, yet most health care agencies fail to reach this goal for all their employees. In Colorado, for instance, most international health care professionals, professionals, and psychologists have an annual salary of $ 24,661. This is under the Denver salary reward for an elderly person of $ 26,936 and far below the cost of $ 58,260 for the fourth family. It can also happen in the workplace that does not fit for health care, such as homeowners or even the foodstuffs and also the contractors.

The lack of balance by race and sex increases the risk of illness over time and does not have to be patient. Health leaders can set a standard example by compiling and distributing the most relevant information about paying off debt and working hard to eliminate them.

Expert leaders can contribute to health care through education, a major health issue; This is true for non-English internships who have not completed English or have completed high school or have graduated from secondary school.

Many health centers provide a graduation certificate. They should also support GED courses, degrees, or specialized training courses such as EMT.

Clean mortgage has an important health issue. Assisting housing in the form of debt lending and housing salaries is linked to the capture and retention of senior officers or doctors. Based on the evidence that maintaining domestic peace enhances work and employment, the health care system should be able to provide assistance to the minimum income earnings.

Healthcare services can also support their staff at home or local schools. Such programs will benefit from women's services, which have most health care services and are responsible for caring for children. Additionally, to reduce misunderstandings, a good child education program promotes improved education among children, promotes health and fitness for the next step.

Health cells can not solve any social and social conditions, but they can do many things. The framework of the new system deserves credit for operating to alter the conditions for alignments and the functions they serve. Our]these organizations will investigate the centers and identify potential opportunities to assist their staff and report on their efforts to work with others. What is the next step that will lead to the health of people in the community?