HCA has cash flows, earns cash in Q3

HCA has cash flows, earns cash in Q3

HCA Healthcare's health insurance lasted for a third year of 2018, often expecting expected prospective revenue and salaries.

Nashville, Tenn.un increased by 7.1% to 11.5 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2018, ending September 30, compared to $ 10.7 billion at this time in 2017. Half of the HCA rates increased by 78% – up to $ 759, from 426 million US dollars at that time in 2017.

HCA received a fee before the increase in taxes, taxes, amortization and amortization cost about $ 2 billion in quarter, compared with $ 1.8 billion at this time in 2017.

The company's company grew by 3.1 per cent in the third quarter of 2018, while only one emergency facility dropped by 0.4% at the time. Medical medications increased by 1.6 percent a year, and hospital hospitals increased by 4.2% at this time.

HCA Chief Executive Officer Sam Hazen said on the basis of the findings that the third quarter of 2018 indicates that 18 percent in a row,

in hand. He also noted that 12 of the 14 major companies continued to grow, and when they entered, they re-entered.

While in macro-based Macro-Macro market, Hazen said he hopes to connect the 2019 companies to 2018's leading management system to continue to develop EBITDA. about 7%.

"Usually we do not produce a sign of the next year at this time, but with the flexibility in leadership, I feel it's important to give a vision in the coming year," he said.

Hazen will replace the HCA president, Milton Johnson, who retired at the end of the year.

After playing a prominent role in the 80's, Johnson said Tuesday's call would be final.

"This is a wonderful company with many intelligent people who are responsible for providing good care and good work," he said.

HCA continues to increase income revenues in the third quarter of 2018. This trend, which has resulted in a growing number of patients and prices, increased by 3.9 percent per year. HCA has revealed revenue prices rising in recent years.

HCA signed an agreement signed in August to receive a hospital hospital in Asheville, N.C., for 1.5 billion dollars. This agreement was reviewed by law enforcement.

HCA earlier this year finishes the purchase of the Memorial in Savannah, Ga.

While Hazen said he was "a salesman," he said,

These two questions have occurred in different situations. While the health of the "health problem" and the need for a great building and experience, the Embassy Foundation works well, has a large number of doctors and is financially responsible, "he said.

"(The Embassy) considers the need to sell as important, at least in their opinion, and their agency decides to come down with us," said Hazen.

At that time, HCA had a lot of energy in working with the existing file, but companies were looking for opportunities to enter the markets, he said.

The HCA summit of 2018,

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