Hartford Healthcare boasts a growing number of pricing rates

Hartford Healthcare boasts a growing number of pricing rates

Hartford HealthCare says it will increase the amount of money spent within an hour to $ 15 a hour beginning March 31, becoming the new health center for such a position as a national debate about how this increased to a small federal payroll.

The health committee announced on Monday that more than 2,400 out of every 20,000 would deal with the cost.

Hartford's President, Elliot Joseph, said in an announcement issued a decision after the months of the program, and hoped that such trips would help the program to be a great opportunity to receive employers. and increase the number too.

"This important decision is to show respect for our talents and our talents that invite us to do what is right," said Joseph in the release.

Hartford includes a health care system to increase the cost of volunteer services.

Last month, Cleveland announced plans to increase the cost of $ 15 billion in 2020, while November Advocate Aurora Health said he would receive a salary of $ 15 hours and start 2021 that the plan would apply. 21% of the work was 70,000.

It may be suggested that the health care plan could take most of the salary as an effort to keep them in the marketplace that saw the number of companies, Amazon, Target, and healthcare providers. And for some years.

The organization comes as governments and state governments are changing to pass laws and require companies to increase their value.

On January 1, the total 19 states allocated a minimum of $ 5 million, according to the figures from the Economic Market Center, Washington D.C., not for profit or donor.