Green health therapy for the principle of physical bioelectric therapy

Bioelectric therapy is a green health therapy. It is a meridian physiotherapist who uses the appropriate bioelectricity and corresponding methods according to the meridian direction and the location of the disease, so that the bioelectric current is rapidly transmitted along the meridian, and the human meridian is instantly opened. Penetration force 30cm. Match the magical national patent of Chinese herbal medicine. Permeability 80%. Magical recipe mud cream. Both comfortable and sick. Direct access to the root cause of the lesion directly affects hundreds of acupuncture points and dozens of meridians, and regulates qi and blood through the meridians to eliminate cold in the body. Features selling technology does not sell products, do not take medicine, do not injection, do not move the knife, happiness therapy. It works quickly and has no side effects. It is a course of treatment. Responsible for two or three months.

High-end health stunt bio-infiltration technology has entered the international market. With the establishment of overseas companies such as Russia, Chile, the United States, Singapore, etc., continue to attract friends from home and abroad to visit and study, welcome people from all walks of life Promote Chinese tradition.

Bio-Electric Technology Promotion Conference is held in the Municipal People’s Hospital

Every cell in the human body is charged, while normal cells and Sub-health cells and diseased cells are not charged the same. The role of bioelectricity is physical, which can normalize the cells that are not normally charged, so that the cells return to normal. The role of acid-base is chemical, it contains a lot of basic elements, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc., these elements are positively charged, and acidic metabolites in cells such as phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, etc. With a negative charge. According to the principle of heterosexual charge attraction, the alkaline element neutralizes the acidic negative ion and is excreted through the blood circulation to correct the acidic body. Acid-base also contains a large amount of alkaloids, which have similar effects.

Applicable people: acidic people.


(1) The brain has EEG, and the heart has ECG, such as: in the hospital to do EEG, ECG, every cell in the human body is charged.

(2) Normal cell charging is different from sub-healthy cells and pathological cells.

(3) The electrification of cells can be regulated and altered by effective means.

The relationship between acidification of body fluids and bioelectricity: With the increase of age, the acidification of human body fluids becomes more and more serious, and the bioelectrical value is getting smaller and smaller, which is also the process of aging of human body.

English abbreviation for body-controlled bioelectricity (transparent) skin drug delivery system;

Traditional drug delivery methods: oral, intravenous, surgical and Chinese medical methods (paste plaster, fumigation, Scraping, cupping, acupuncture).

The principle of physical control bioelectrical instrument:

1. Passing through the active

The meridian is the channel of blood and blood running, the meridian is impassable, the blood and blood will be blocked The human body will form a pathological state, the Chinese medicine said, the general rule is not painful, the pain is nowhere, the bio-electric therapy can make the patient’s meridian open in an instant, so that it can achieve the goal of general pain.

2. Potential balance

The heart has an electrocardiogram, and the brain has EEG. Every cell in our body is charged, and the positive and negative charges are balanced, when the potential When the imbalance occurs, the human body becomes ill, and the therapy can reach its potential balance.

3. Molecular rearrangement

The human body is composed of countless cells, and each cell is regularly arranged by molecules, moving regularly, when the human body is ph When the value is lowered, the body appears to be in a sub-health state, and the molecular arrangement and movement laws will be disrupted and lose balance. This therapy can rearrange the molecules, become disordered and orderly, and become irregular and regular.

4. Purification of the body

The human being lives in nature and has a close relationship with nature. The movement of nature and the movement of the human body have many things in common, such as: The lightning strike of the celestial body can convert the gas in the air into ozone, and purify the air. The air after the lightning is particularly fresh, and the human body is the same. During the physiotherapy, the metabolism of the body is accelerated due to the acceleration of blood circulation, which accelerates the waste material in the body. Discharge.

5. Needle-free drip, green therapy

According to acid-base balance, acid-base neutralization theory, a large amount of acidic substances are accumulated in human lesions, and acidic substances are what we say. The waste that has not been metabolized by the human body, this therapy is combined with a special alkaline massage cream and dialysis oil, and is directly administered to the targeted lesions, and is gradually infiltrated into the body by the physiotherapy instrument, thereby serving the purpose of acid elimination and acidification. .

It is characterized by no absorption by the stomach, no detoxification burden to the liver and kidney, no toxic side effects on the human body, also known as needle-free drip.