Green beans – Light food

Green beans – Light food

Grilled Green Beans is a very popular summer salad. Easily make a lot of fun, fill in the flavor, and the best way to enjoy summer beans.
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Learn how to cook green beans and never wanted to eat anything else. It's a change in the sport and when you start growing green, you will never see again. Try these cooked boilers, as well as broccoli.

A few years later I started to heat all my food, anything else. They come from caramelized, gray, and delicious. Then it would be hot, and I would try to make the strangest smokers, but I did not want to heat the house all the way. Put green vegetables. As light, the vegetables bring a lot of flavors. Green vegetables are cut and tasted naturally.

But many of us are looking for green beans as we think about the roasting cycles. I came here today to tell you that it is time to grow and cook green beans. They get these sweet, their stay abroad outside the green light and soft. It was good, all my family ate as soon as they came out of the fire. They also take within 10 minutes.

Cooked cooked beans can also be added to a wide range of foods. They work with chicken, meat, pork, fish and seafood. The rest of them are doing scary things with salad, covered, and strawberries. And they work with any spices, herbs, or spices you want to add.

Green beans with salt, salt, pepper and olive oil.

How to grow green beans

  1. Prepare green beans: Green beans will take a small amount ready to prepare. Starting with drying and drying beans. Then scrub the length of the length, which may be hard and hard to chew.
  2. Add fat: Beans need fatty fats so they do not fall into the fire and produce the taste. Enter olive oil, avocado oil, coconut Oil, oil oil, or other oil that you like. Separate the beans of the oil you choose.
  3. Add sliced: Simply go and just add salt and fresh pepper or hold any other parsley you like. Frozen yoghurt can be twice as sweet as fish or paprika. I also like to add some tin powder, onion powder, or nutmeg for all options. Suggestion: To ensure green beans are well covered with oils and plants, start adding oil to the bottom of the bowl. Then add the green beans and add them. This helps the herbage to distribute all beans.
  4. Soldier in the tube or refrigerator: Green beans are best cooked or cold cooked so that they do not fall on the shell. To get the best results, take it to the hot tub in the heat of your heat. Then add the green beans together for 6-7 minutes, layout 1-2 times. Green beans are ready when they are bright green, soft, with white marks. In a pinch, you can use a piece of tape that works hard to work to serve the size of the fire. Do not just put veggies and beans on the beans.

Sweet ideas of green beans

Green beans are sweet, fish, and corded in any form of spices and herbs. They laugh as simple as salt and pepper or you can post some of these ideas:

  • Parmesan, Garlic, and Lemon: Add fresh boiled sauce or garlic powder with green beans before cooking. Then add the new parmesan and lemon juice as soon as you get out of the fire.
  • Cajun: To heat a little, add the Cajun in the green period before pouring it into the fire.
  • Green Sauce: This recipe is good for vegetables and works with green beans., Stay calm – you'll love it.
  • Balsamic balsamic: Very little Tang, green beans left with balsamic disinfection before throwing on the screen and then drain some extra high before serving them.
  • With onions: Take some additional flavors, add chopped sliced ​​chopped onion onion onion.
  • With tomatoes: Believe or not, the cherry tomatoes are bigger than satan. Store the graveyard box with green beans. Then add Parmesan cheese – magic.
  • By using bacon: If you want to cook the right green beans, think about making a green leafy greens wrapped in bacon. Hold the small amount of green beans and wrap one to two pieces of bacon. Stretch brushes and blemishes for 8-10 minutes until the pork meat and beans are tender.

Green beans are frozen with lemon, salt, and pepper in a white pan.

Raw materials of green beans in metal packaging

If you prefer green beans, then the open package is the best answer. The boiled sauce beans are found in some flavored flavors, but also in the glass packaging, making it even more soft in nature.

How to give green beans greens

Although no one will be disappointed when these are green beans for making the leaves, you can also find creative and can use any kind of food.

  • Make a salad with cooked salad with tomatoes, bird, and cheese. Tossed lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper,
  • Use a roasted salad salad with all the other well-designed markets. Include the vinaigrette store or make a home.
  • Include a circle of healthy spleen or a vomiting for acne in the usual area and left side.
  • Toss green beans with canned beans, tomatoes, yoghurt, and vegetable dish with vegetable dishes. Add olives, lemon, black pepper, and fresh baskets,

Can I use other beans?

This recipe works with all kinds of beans. Try mixing sugar beans, ice beans, sausage, Romano beans, or beans. Depending on the sizes of beans, they may need little or little cooking time. You can also use different types of different types of green beans.