Good Food Show

Good Food Show

So many of us fall into it
eating traps in ways that make them overly aggressive or aggressive.

Four ounces of wine
slices of pizza for dinner on Tuesday and then skips lunch and my hour
football "training" Wednesday.

The weekend is free for all but a week of low conversion.

All30 February + eats ALL things March.

These methods are not sustainable or particularly fun.

Final change requires negligence
of all or nothing about eating. Feeding healthy is not even & # 39; s every one
Food must be “perfect” (impossible). It looks very similar
80/20. Which it seems It seems easy to do, but it can be difficult to implement
if you use to be either “on” or “off” the food for any length of time.
“One of the & # 39; & # 39; spring & # 39; ma & # 39; s all day damaged. So you also finish off
ice cream in the freezer, right?

If this resonates (and you
not alone), try to start thinking of feeding yourself as a good parent
feeding the child.

With love.

With limits.

Without drama – or extreme

Eating well is a skill you have
can learn (at any age). He needs to say goodbye to the dietary rules of the people
and coming up with a guide that gives you & # 39; s. It needs
patience and compassion. It requires trying different foods and shopping
a taste for things that may not be part of everyday life in the
the past (like veggies or coffee without caramel syrup and whip).

It needs to be less thoughtful
Build in healthier habits while carefully monitoring the helpless.

But we live in the same time
a satisfying world. We want to lose 50 pounds yesterday. So easily we are wooed
by eating hard after a serious meal, instead of slowly + gradually changing our palate
and general characteristics.

We are experts on staying on the diet – or avoiding food. And this is not the recipe for sustainable development.

You can also change your behavior,
your weight, your relationship with food for beauty if you are rich

The word health means "all". Being healthy is being physically and mentally healthy. Many of us – whether we eat or not – are related to a broken diet. But it is never too late to bring two of them back together.

💙 Robyn

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