Good care is not the best in medical clinics, study studies

Good care is not the best in medical clinics, study studies

Doctors that use doctors do not do anything better than other hospitals on the basis of the latest findings, according to the latest findings.

Recent research in the Medical Research Research and Review magazine found that hospitals in important markets reported many illnesses.

"There are some issues that make the patients happy if they do not have a competitor in the way," said Marah Short, director of the study and director of the Centers for Health and Biosciences at Baker's University & # 39; Rice. First page.

To find out, the study assessed 4,438 clinical work on the weight of 29 cases reported on the clinic depicted from 2008 to 2015. The author found hospitals and medical practitioners employed more than eight of them & # 39; and in 29 cases there is no difference in reading rates between doctors and other hospitals.

In short, she hoped she would get hospitals that most doctors would give the best reports because carelessness could not be reduced. Instead, finding out hospitals is not good or worse than hospitals with doctors. Other findings have found such results but they are looking at small people.

The system has increased and paid hospitals, which could also lead to inequality, Short said. Steps include providing patient guidance and diagnosis of antibiotics before and after surgery.

The findings came just as regular doctors attending hospitals fell at any time. There are 155,000 medical doctors at the 2016 hospital, from 63% from 95,000 in 2012. While private doctors are also involved in participating in major plans as your lease increases the challenge, the system Health needs a doctor so they can adjust the medical system. improve the effectiveness of the payment process.

Because hospitals attending hospitals do not improve, it is likely that she is experiencing research if relationship has led to increased prices. The Avalre Consultation has previously achieved an equality between medical professionals and hospitals and medical professionals in Medicare of health care.

"Medical clinics do not improve effective care for most of these steps. Disappointments will not improve after integration, there are some reasons why doctors and hospitals are in close relationship – perhaps to raise interest," he said. this Vivian Ho, co-author of the study and director of the Center for Health and Biosciences at the University of Rice.