Gome 618 home appliance sales wins consumption upgrade health smart smart higher

Gome 618 home appliance sales wins consumption upgrade health smart smart higher

Life appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances carry people’s quality requirements for life, and the sense of well-being and gain in life is the top priority of consumers. With the growth of the middle class and the pursuit of better quality of life for consumers, quality home appliances, kitchen appliances and appliances are becoming more and more popular, especially the younger generation has shown a strong willingness to purchase products with healthy and intelligent attributes. The consumer market has entered a new era, and intelligence and health have become the mainstream trend of leading consumption.

Gome is focusing on consumer demand, paying attention to consumers’ requirements for health and intelligence in their home appliances, upgrading their product systems online, screening and recommending products that meet healthy and intelligent concepts, offline. Array of smart health products, launched its own brand.

Gome 618 appliance sales soared, high-end health smart appliances became a hot spot

From the sales data of Gome 618, high-end refrigerators, washing machines The sales have made breakthroughs, the frequency conversion energy-saving products, the products above 10,000 yuan have increased significantly, and the washing and drying machine has begun to rise strongly in the market. Products that make lifestyles healthier and smarter are focused.

 Gome 618 home appliance sales success consumption upgrade health smart kick higher

Among them, Gome channel Little Swan Beverly’s high-end washing machine sales increased by 292.6%, and Haier’s high-end brand Casa Di’s overall sales channel increased by nearly 50%. In particular, Gome Shuyu full-featured air conditioners have been selling since the launch of the high-end series of new products in May. Only Gome 618 has sold more than 100 sets a day.

 Gome 618 home appliance sales success consumption upgrade health smart kick higher

kitchen and bathroom appliances, energy saving The environmental protection and intelligent products have increased significantly. Water purifiers, air purifiers, and AI smart speakers have become the focus of consumers. The boss smoke stove, Fang Tai dishwasher into a hot model. Fangtai dishwasher sales continued to climb in June, and the sales of the explosion-proof Q5/Q5L dishwashers increased by 178.5% year-on-year. Midea, Supor, Jiuyang, Dyson, Angel Cheng Guomei 618 life small appliances TOP5. Sales of the hot-selling model Angel reverse osmosis water purifier exceeded 7 million, Dyson hand-held vacuum cleaner broke through 5 million, and Jiuyang high-speed wall breaking machine reached 2.6 million.

 Gome 618 home appliance sales success consumption upgrade health smart pickup higher

Guome 618 results Significantly, Gome’s retail order volume and Gome’s service increase rapidly

Gome around the “home and life” strategy, focusing on the healthy life, the smart life of Gome, in the past 618 shopping festival activities The performance is good. According to the sales data of Gome on June 18th, the overall GMV of Gome 618 increased by 410% year-on-year!

Gome’s retail statistics show that on June 18th, as of 12 noon, Gome’s total channel orders increased by 483% year-on-year, compared with 402% of the “418” activity two months ago. There has been a significant increase. The 12-hour sales have exceeded the total of 618 all-day last year.

 Gome 618 home appliance sales success consumption upgrade health smart kick higher

In addition, Gome online store after-sales The color TV and air-conditioner delivery service provided by the service has accumulated 3,000 times in the first 12 hours of the 618 day. Compared with the 1000 sets of color TV delivery during the double 11 period last year, the overall improvement has tripled. Gome’s GMV has grown substantially, reaching 390%, and the order volume has increased by 273% year-on-year. Compared with the two figures in Gome’s first-quarter earnings report, the relative figures have increased by 22% and 20% respectively.

Pushing smart car cloud mirror and voice air conditioner, Gome helps healthy and intelligent life

Following consumer demand, seizing market development opportunities, Gome continues to develop Not only work hard at the shopping festival, but also exert a force on the product layout.

In recent years, Gome has actively built smart living scenes around the “home and life” strategy, and created a smart home ecosystem. As a new engine for Gome to the intelligent era, Gome has completed its provision from intelligent hardware. Hardware + software + system solutions business model innovation, and based on consumer demand, launched a variety of private brand smart products, build a full house smart scene.

Recently, Gome launched a voice intelligent networked vehicle terminal – Gome smart car cloud mirror. This is a vehicle-mounted artificial intelligence terminal, which replaces the traditional rear-view mirror function, and also embeds a powerful artificial intelligence voice system to realize voice control and intelligent interconnection in a safe travel scene, for the wisdom of “home and life” Come to more possibilities.

Gome’s smart car cloud mirror is the second force after the 55-inch “blade” smart voice TV, Xingyao “smart voice air conditioner and Xiaomei intelligent voice speaker.”

Previously Gome Smart products are equipped with mature voice interactive modules, which can easily liberate consumers’ hands and limited time. The smart voice car cloud mirror launched this time is also equipped with full-system voice-activated voice, and is equipped with special-purpose streaming media. Mirror OS system, its intelligent emotion 5.0 speech recognition system can achieve human-computer interaction well, and has voice payment function. It also realizes interconnection with home smart devices and mobile phone terminals, and can easily control smart air conditioners remotely, etc. Voice transmission and receiving mobile phone information, so that you can free your hands and save time on the road.

Built-in Beidou+GPS dual-mode search star, double-record before and after, 170° wide-angle driving recorder, 72-hour parking Cloud monitoring makes this product full of surprises.

It is worth noting that since June 10th, Gome’s “Xingyao” intelligent voice air conditioner new product has returned to CCTV. It is the most credible in China. The platform of the powerful voice, Gome Smart hopes to use this opportunity to express the mission vision of the brand and the millions of Chinese families sharing AI wisdom life.

“Xingyao” intelligent voice air conditioner adopts Nordic design style, which can be super quiet. Voice control, using the world’s first-class core, to achieve energy-conversion energy-saving, constant temperature control. 3D no sense of soft wind to enhance the user experience, through the Gome APP to achieve intelligent and convenient operation and cool, in a similar product called a beautiful landscape.

The World Cup is in full swing, blowing air conditioners, drinking beer, eating crayfish, will be the most pleasant thing this summer. In the future, you only need to be responsible for the enjoyment of the game, Gome will create more Unique and competitive quality products, building a smart home scene, including smart living room, smart bedroom, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, etc., truly realize the interconnection of all things, the whole house scene can be switched at will, bringing consumers a better life of wisdom. Experience, let consumers have a healthier and faster lifestyle.