Fourth Way of Humanity by Using Medicare

Fourth Way of Humanity by Using Medicare

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Louisville, the healthcare firm of Kyana Humana, increased revenue in the fourth year of the year 2018 as a result of providing Medicare Advantage cash flows.

At the conference meeting with investors investors on Wednesday, company managers said Medicare Advantage programs were doing more than expected in 2018 and even increased year after year. Year of the year 2019, ending December 7.

President of the company, Bruce Broussard, stated that the Medicare Advantage rate, which announced a $ 3.4% increase this year, with a health insurance agreement, allowed the company to improve the quality of the program. old people.

With these additional benefits, with a "close relationship," Broussard said the company had expectations that legislators would increase from 375,000 to 400,000 this year, or between 12% and 13% a year. By the end of 2018, a member of the Humanitarian and Medanare Advantage group was 3.6 million, accounting for 7.9 percent of 2017. Of that total, the Medicare Advantage membership increased by 7.1% to 3.1 per cent. 12.8% to 497,800, 2017.

Broussard said Humans are asking the Senate to re-enable the healthcare provider in 2020 to further, saying that the return of the tax next year will result in a reduction in the benefit of the elderly.

He did not do so in the Medicare medical system. The volume of D dropped 5.7% from 2017 to 5. million million. Broussard said that the competitors had made up of the humorous debt of Humans, including Walmart with Walmart, and succeeded shopping.

"As it takes time, we want to continue competing and work in a variety of ways to change the purpose of the offer and impact on the market," Broussard told commentators.

According to Medicare, registration in the business market of Humans increased to 5.9 million, almost doubled in 2017 through the new Tricer contract which existed in the early 2018. But he suffered in his career in Medicaid and full functionality. , most of the small ones are done with even less than 100 workers.

In total, Humana reported 16.6 million medical clinics at the end of the year, an increase of 18.4% in the year 2017.

Partnership with revenue flows with other customers, especially in the Medicare market, spends four-to-14.2 billion dollars, which rose by 7.4 percent at the same time in one year. Increased increase by reducing the revenue generated by the insurer's mark from one insurance fund in early 2018.

For 2018, the budget of Humans reached 56.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 5.8% in 2017.

The human health loss report, which represents the amount spent on medical and pharmaceutical reforms, was 83.4% in four quarters, compared to 83% in one quarter in one year. . And in 2018, MLR Humana was 83.5%, compared to 83% in 2017.

The survey found in the fourth quarter was nearly doubled in one percent this year to 355 million US dollars. But for the next year, the rate of revenue earned by the Corporation increased by 31.3% to 1.7 billion dollars, especially for selling long-term businesses, bringing about 786 million naira.